The ph5 pendant replica is one of the classic works of Danish design. Replica ph5 pendant lamp is very popular because of its special appearance design. The ph5 mini pendant lamp replica is composed of exquisite geometric shapes, and the anti-glare disc in the middle is the ingenious design. The louis poulsen ph5 pendant lamp replica has a three-color system, which allows you to feel the surprise brought by gradient colors. If you want to buy a louis poulsen replica, then Kiki Lighting is the best online store for you.

Ph5 pendant lamp replica is available in two sizes: Dia 30cm*H16cm, Dia 50cm*H33cm. The ph5 pendant light replica is available in seven colors, namely hues of blue, hues of green, hues of orange, hues of pink, midnight grey, white classic, and white modern. Each color of lampe louis poulsen ph5 has unique features, you can buy it according to your own interior design style and preferences.


Louis Poulsen Lampe PH5 Replica - White Classic

The white classic louis poulsen ph5 replica has blue anti-glare discs and purple connecting rods. Hanging ph5 lamp replica to decorate your dining room can highlight your advanced taste. The lit ph5 lampe replica exudes layered warm light, which can create a comfortable dining atmosphere for you. Under the lighting of ph lamp copy, the food will also make you more appetizing.

PH 5 Pendant


Louis Poulsen PH 5 Pendelleuchte - White Modern

The ph 5 pendel moderne hvid is the same as the white classic louis poulsen ph 5, mainly composed of classic white geometric shapes. The biggest difference is that white modern louis poulsen ph 5 second hand has a rose-colored anti-glare disc, and its pillars are golden. The louis poulsen ph 5 hanglamp is very suitable to be placed above the dining table, but it is also suitable for higher installations in various architectural spaces.

PH 5 Pendant


Louis Poulsen PH 5 Gebraucht - Hues Of Blue

The special feature of hues of blue louis poulsen ph 5 kopia is the red anti-glare disc. The blue and white geometric shapes are connected by gold connecting rods. The louis poulsen ph 5 blå changes from dark blue to light blue underneath from top to bottom, reflecting the design of the three-color system.


Louis Poulsen PH 5 Lampe - Hues Of Green

Hues of green ph 5 lampe replica has a red anti-glare disc and a gold connecting rod. The louis poulsen ph 5 pendel is known for its innovative non-glare shape and uniform lighting. The unique finish and eye-catching appearance of ph 5 pendelleuchte replica are very popular. The light from the ph 5 contemporary pendelleuchte is warm and comfortable. The ph5 lamp replica is ideal for dining tables and living rooms.


PH 5 Hanglamp - Hues Of Orange

The ph 5 mini replica of hues of orange is composed of three different levels of orange. The ph 5 mini pendel is orange as a whole, with blue anti-glare discs and gold connecting rods to make the whole look more dynamic. The ph5 light replica hangs on the dining table, allowing you to feel its warm and comfortable light and relax your mood. The ph5 lamp replica is suitable for hanging in the living room, allowing your guests to notice this exquisite ph5 pendant light replica at a glance, adding luster to the living room.



PH5 Lampa Kopia - Hues Of Pink

Hues of pink ph5 lampe gebraucht is composed of pink and white geometric shapes, with green anti-glare discs and golden pillars. The ph5 pendant replica is a classic of Danish design. The ph 5 pendant lamp replica is extremely innovative both in appearance and in lighting applications. The ph 5 pendant light has distinct levels and looks like a flower from a certain angle. Ph5 pendant lamp replica is very popular for its special appearance design. In lighting applications, the ph5 pendant light replica has unique features such as non-glare shape and uniform illumination.

PH 5 Pendant


Replica PH5 Pendant Lamp - Midnight Grey

Louis poulsen ph 5 dark grey is a high-quality pendant light. The ph5 pendant replica is a gradual gray with a rose-colored anti-glare disc. The name of the louis pulson ph5 lamp can be attributed to its size. The maximum diameter is 50 cm. In 2017, Louis Pulson changed the size and launched ph5 mini with a maximum diameter of 30cm. Ph5 mini lamp replica is smaller and more exquisite, suitable for small rooms.

PH 5 Pendant


The exquisite louis poulsen lampe ph5 replica is one of your best choices for buying high-quality pendant. You can choose to hang alone or multiple ph5 pendant lamp replicas. The cleverly designed ph5 pendant light replica makes you love it at a glance. The above is our recommendation of ph lamp replica.