Best Price Of Taccia Table Lamp Replica

Best Price Of Taccia Table Lamp Replica

The taccia table lamp is one of the classic design works. The taccia table lamp replica is composed of a cylindrical regular base and a semicircular lampshade. The lampshade of the flos taccia table lamp replica is facing outwards, giving a feeling that the lampshade is upside down, which is particularly artistic.

The taccia small table lamp is made of high-quality Aluminum, Glass, ABS, and PC materials. The inner layer of the aluminum reflector of the flos taccia table lamp small is bright white, and the outer layer is matte white. The diffuser of the flos taccia medium is transparent blown glass, which can change direction.

The flos taccia big is available in two sizes and three colors. You can choose the size of the flos taccia nachbau according to the placement and lighting direction, and choose the color of the flos taccia kopia according to the characteristics of the decoration style or your own preferences. Next, let us discuss the characteristics of different colors of taccia table lamps!

The elegant flos taccia nera can be well integrated into various interior spaces of different design styles. When flos taccia small led is placed in the living room, bedroom, study and corridor, the unique design will make you like it at a glance. The flos taccia small nera can provide efficient ambient light, and the lighting is distributed indirectly throughout the room. The light provided by the flos taccia small replica is warm and comfortable, allowing you to relax.

If you don’t know how to choose the color of the flos taccia tweedehands, the black taccia table lamp can meet your diverse needs. Suppose you want to decorate the house into other design styles after buying the flos taccia replica. It can also integrate well with the interior.

The flos taccia bronzo is the most special color. If you are looking for a table lamp with very design features. This color must suit you very well. The bronze base of the flos taccia tischleuchte is not only beautiful, but also particularly practical. When the taccia lamp replica is placed above the table, it is like a work of art, giving people a pleasing feeling.

The taccia table light gives a feeling of hanging upside down. The taccia desk lamp can not only provide enough indirect lighting, but also adjust the light by adjusting the lampshade. The taccia lamp reproduction is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

Are you looking for a table lamp suitable for simple home design style? The silver taccia table lamp replica is very suitable for simple interior design style. The taccia small table lamp vintage achieves ambient lighting through a concave aluminum disc on the top of the diffuser. The flos taccia klein can ensure that the light emitted can be reflected harmoniously, thus creating a relaxing atmosphere.


The unique detailed design of the taccia table lamp is very popular with consumers. If you are looking for a table lamp, this exquisite taccia table light replica will be one of your choices.

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