Great sense of technology VP Globe Glass pendant lamp

Great sense of technology VP Globe Glass pendant lamp

VP Globe is a large transparent hollow sphere, composed of five reflection masks connected in series with three metal chains. Verner Panton’s 1969 VP globe lamp creation faithfully captures people’s imagination and longing for the space age. The gradation of warm and cold tones of the VP Globe lamp sphere harmonizes multiple and delicate lighting tones. The VP globe light also perfectly combines colors, Space and style are very popular and representative chandelier designs in contemporary times.


Verner Panton’s bright and straightforward use of color skills, good use of geometric images, and creation of many futuristic designs, each work can stimulate the user’s unlimited imagination. And laying the foundation for this unique style is Verner Panton’s bold attempts to color and structural materials, it overcomes many conceptual and technical limitations and has become the commonly used materials in the home design industry today, such as plastic, acrylic, fiberglass, Pioneers of sponge rubber, etc., and pioneers of new visual and sensory experiences.

This VP globe rea uses a crystal-transparent acrylic outer sphere with five internal reflectors suspended by three steel chains. With VP globe lampe, Panton’s goal is to design a light that can attract the eye and unify the room, whether VP globe lampa is suspended individually or in groups. This makes the VP globe lim an ideal choice for dining tables, corridors or long corridors, or as a special decorative element for corners. Panton VP globe lamp is available in three colors.

VP Globe Glass Pendant Lamp Chrome

Panton’s VP globe chrome pendant designed with plexiglass not only meets the requirements of the lamp VP globe in preventing glare and compensating light colors, but also has a crystal-clear and bright shape, which has achieved great success. VP globe begagnad has a transparent spherical shell. The alloy-colored VP globe kopi has a silver upper and lower semicircle outside the lampshade, as well as red and blue color elements as embellishments, allowing VP globe pendant to emit different colors of light.

VP Globe Glass Pendant Lamp Gold

vp金色 副本

In the context of space exploration and technology, the futuristic sense of the verpan VP globe glass is created. In the suspension VP globe, three steel chains are hung with hand-polished aluminum reflectors of different colors. The aluminum reflectors of different colors and the golden reflectors reflect each other in the VP globe replica, which harmonizes the panton VP globe replica with harmonious levels of cold and warm, creating The sense of sight of the “space capsule”.
This VP globe pendant light replica has a unique appearance, breaking people’s old impression of traditional lighting. The VP globe lamp replica is no longer a simple configuration of a lampshade and a lamp pole, but a work of art that can make people full of fantasy.

VP Globe Glass Pendant Lamp White

The white VP Globe Glass pendant lamp does not have the elements of metal and colored aluminum films, and there are only pure white decoration in the lamp. Such a VP globe rea with an airy transparent shell makes people feel very pure and at ease. The white leaves in the lamp are like white clouds, and the transparent spherical shell is like a balloon. People can’t help but think of the picture of the balloon rising slowly in the clouds, floating freely. Arouses human visual and sensory comfort.

The VP globe white creates a pleasant and elegant atmosphere at any location. The white VP Globe Glass pendant lamp is very suitable as a feature lamp in the living room or room. This verner panton VP globe pendant lamp will certainly inspire you.

The VP globe light, full of futuristic technology, is one of your best choices for indoor lighting. You can learn more about the product on the product detail page.

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