Most Popular 2097 Suspension Lamp For You

Most Popular 2097 Suspension Lamp For You

The 2097 chandelier was designed by Gino Sarfatti, a famous Italian lighting designer. In 1958, Gino Sarfatti re-examined the classic “chandelier” aesthetics and designed a modern minimalist style chandelier, which later became the first choice for many classic interior design cases. Flos lamp replica has been selling well in Europe, America, and the world for half a century. Flos 2097 has strong visual expressive power, and 2097 suspension lamp design is the best effect of line and light. When you see this product, you can feel the visual feast. The geometric collocation with winding upward lines is full of positive and upward meanings. 2097 chandelier replica will definitely remind you of fruity branches and sparks that burn in summer.

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Suspension flos 2097 is a long-term partner of MINOTTI and B&B brands. With the winding lights in different directions and angles and dozens of dazzling light bulbs, the whole chandelier stretches out dozens of light source branches and hanging wires spectacularly, and the rigid structure is wrapped with soft light, which not only retains the original classic elegance, a simple modern style has been added. Flos 2097 replica is hung in the dining room or living room and instantly controls the noble and stable sense of the space.

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Today, in many modern interiors, you can still see the figure of replica 2097 suspension lamp, which shows that its popularity is very high.

The suspension flos 2097 not only has a superior appearance but also has a rich background story. The flos 2097 lampadine is very collectible.

Now here, you can choose the 2097 chandelier replica Suspension lamp in your favorite color and size according to your hobby.

You can choose different sizes

1.flos 2097/18 chandelier

The size of 18 Heads is the smallest size. Compared with the other two sizes, its light branches appear to be sparse.

Even so, it does not prevent the flos 2097/18 replica from exuding its charm. Even if the size is small, but the exuded advanced feeling is not bad at all. The small model flos 2097/18 replica is more suitable for relatively small spaces, such as auxiliary halls and small lounges, adding embellishment to your simple small spaces.

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2.flos 2097/30 chandelier

The size of 30 is a moderate size, with multiple light sources shining, while being simple and luxurious, creating a warm and comfortable living environment.

The flos 2097/30 is more suitable for installation in the dining room, reading area and secondary hall. If you are still thinking about what kind of lighting needs to be installed in the area to be decorated, then the flos 2097/30 replica must be a good choice.

Installing the flos 2097/30 replica in your home will greatly enhance the style, and the otherwise unremarkable area will instantly become bright and advanced.

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3.flos 2097/50 chandelier

The size of flos 2097/50 replica is the most luxurious size. Numerous luminous and bright light sources are densely formed into the larger lampade flos 2097.

The flos 2097/50 replica is very suitable for installation in the main living room and the central hall of the house. The style of lampadario 2097 flos is a perfect combination of retro and modern, which fully improves the style of the house and makes the decoration style more advanced.

When you enter the door and see such shining and luxurious headlights, you will have a bright feeling in front of your eyes, as if all the unpleasantness in your heart can be swept away by such bright lights.

You can choose different sizes according to your personal needs.

2097 Hanglamp

Different colors for you

1.flos 2097 Suspension matte black

The matte black 2097 chandelier gives people a mysterious and noble feeling. The dim branches and bright lights formed a sharp contrast, echoing the dark furniture around, and the space in which it was located suddenly became quiet and noble.

The flos 2097 black is very suitable for matching with dark furniture to create a sense of mysterious space, or install it in a place with sufficient light during the day to form a strong visual conflict.

2097 Hanglamp

2.flos 2097 Suspension brass

The brass 2097 chandelier relies on the cooperation of the light and the brass shell to give people a very gorgeous feeling.

The flos 2097 brass is matched with the warm indoor furniture to make the indoor light brighter.

The flos 2097 brass is matched with bright color furniture to make people feel bright, and people visually feel that the whole space is very bright and sunny. At the same time, it is placed in the place where it is matched with dark furniture to play an embellishment, like The bright moon in the dark night is very prominent.

3.flos 2097 Suspension chrome

The chrome 2097 chandelier gives an unobvious sense of luxury. The decent silver lamp body contrasts with the bright bulb, and flos 2097 chrome is a dazzling decoration when installed in any occasion.

No matter what kind of scene it is placed in, flos 2097 chrome is very good. For example, the reading area, living room, and dining room can be well integrated into various scenes, and at the same time, 2097 flos chandelier makes the whole scene to be upgraded. Turn on a flos 2097 chrome when the light is not good, just like thousands of stars appear in front of your eyes. Lustre 2097 flos is a good choice for many indoor spaces.

2097 Hanglamp

After reading these rich background introductions and product matching pictures about the 2097 Suspension lamp, do you already have a heart to buy? Please enter the website to learn more about the flos 2097.

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