Outdoor Lighting

Fill your courtyard with warm light and cozy atmosphere. Enjoy a leisure time outdoors in this Summer.

Outdoor String Lights

The most beautiful ambient lamp in the courtyard is a chain of lights. Use a long wire to connect the glowing bulbs together, and the courtyard will become glamorous soon. Whether when you are resting or having a wonderful party outdoors,  this lamp is a great lighting which will also render a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Thus, we sincerely recommend this outdoor pendant light.

S14 Outdoor String Lights
G40 Outdoor String Lights
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Outdoor String Lights
S14 Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

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Modelled after the lantern, Lampiok Outdoor Wall Light is a striking decoration for the building exterior. Available in 10 finishes, it illuminates the courtyard. 

Cube LED Wall Light reveals the charm of minimalist industrial style, which is a practical wall lamp for the indoor as well as the outdoor space.

The must-have Cylindrical LED Outdoor Wall Lamp is waterproof and efficient. The simple shape and the dirt-resistant finishes are perfect for the exterior walls. 

The gorgeous and elegant Vintage Outdoor Wall Lamp plays a role in beautifying the appearance of house, and especially when installed at both ends of the door, it lets people feel the pursuit of quality of life at the first sight.

kiki lighting

Kartell Battery Table Lamp


The charming Kartell Battery LED Table Lamp, a portable table light, creates a beautiful shadow, making people intoxicated and showing the art of the whisky glass. It is innovative and chic, which adds an interesting embellishment on the table or floor.

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