How To Choose Sky Garden Pendant Light Replica In 2021

How To Choose Sky Garden Pendant Light Replica In 2021

Are you looking for a quality chandelier replica? Replica sky garden pendant light has exquisite detail design, it is one of your choices for buying high quality chandelier.


De flos skygarden kopia is available in six colors: Glossy black, Glossy white, Gold, Matt black, Matt White, and Rusty brown. The flos skygarden kopie is available in three sizes: Dia 40cm x H 20cm/ ∅ 15.8″ x H 7.9″, Dia 60cm x H 30cm/ ∅ 23.6″ x H 11.8″, Dia 90cm x H 45cm/ ∅ 35.4″ x H 17.7″ . You can choose the flos skygarden imitatie of suitable color and size according to your own interior style design and needs.


De sky garden lampada was designed by Marcel Wanders in 2007, inspired by Wanders‘ beloved antique decorative ceiling. The sky garden lamp replica is a truly extraordinary ceiling lighting artwork. From the outside, the flos skygarden replica is a hemispherical modern dome chandelier. But inside, the exquisite design of the flos skygarden 2 replica welcomes you into a new world of beautiful artistic design. The white plaster floral decoration is reminiscent of the ceiling of a noble palace.

The glossy black skygarden lamp replica gives people a bright feeling. When the skygarden black hangs above the ceiling, it looks like an exquisite artwork. The appearance of the black shiny surface is coupled with the exquisitely carved white floral pattern inside. When you light up the flos skygarden lamp replica, it can emit soft diffused light.

When you light up the white skygarden lampadario, under the light of the bulb, the delicate patterns inside show lifelike. The flos skygarden hanglamp is an elegantly suspended hemisphere, and its huge size makes a deep impression. Flos skygarden deckenleuchte is very suitable for hanging in the living room and above the dining table, and also very suitable for use in various restaurants and shops.

The golden flos skygarden 2 hanglamp is the most unique color, filled with noble and elegant atmosphere. Flos skygarden light is one of the classic designs. Flos skygarden gold provides diffuse lighting, which emits very soft light, thus creating a comfortable indoor atmosphere. The elegant floral pattern allows you to feel the ingenuity of this lamp design.

De flos skygarden noir mat looks more calm. Although not as eye-catching as the bright white lustre flos skygarden, it highlights the extraordinary design. If you don’t know how to choose the right color, you can choose a skygarden lamp zwart. Flos skygarden matte black can not only meet your lighting needs, but also can be well integrated into various indoor styles.

The matte white flos skygarden pendelleuchte is available in three sizes. You can choose a large-size flos skygarden wit to hang individually, which is simple and atmospheric. You can also choose multiple suspensions of small flos skygarden lampa. The neatly arranged sky garden pendant light will make you like it at a glance. You can also choose to hang sky garden pendant lamps in different colors in different spaces. The clever design will be unique.

The flos skygarden brown is perfect for hanging in a modern interior style. The rust-brown finishes and white floral motifs highlight the ingenious design. When the flos skygarden s2 replica hangs above the living room, the exquisite artwork can adorn the space design at any time. When the flos skygarden s1 replica hangs above the dining table, the warm and comfortable diffused light creates a comfortable dining atmosphere for you.

Kikilighting sells replicas of skygarden lampa. We have our own production factory, which can provide you with more preferential treatment under the premise of ensuring product quality. What are you waiting for with such a high-quality and low-cost product?

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