Do you like retro-style lighting? At the same time, an adjustable lighting can change its shape and light direction according to your needs. The lampe meduse led is a retro-designed and adjustable lighting. Here are a few good-looking meduse lamps recommended to you, if you lack a good-looking chandelier in your room, you might as well take a look. The sales of meduse lamp on Kiki Lighting are very high.

Meduse pendant light


1. Cold white meduse lamp

Meduse pendant light

This meduse lamp has a cool white light source. If you like cool lighting, then this lamp may be one of your best choices. You can freely change the shape of the lampshade through the rope at the bottom of meduse lamp. These include a cylindrical shape, as well as two inverted half cones. You can freely change the shape of the lampshade, such as a cylindrical shape, and two reversed half cones, through the rope at the bottom of the lamp. If you like this meduse light lukas basel, you may wish to click on the Kiki, meduse light by lukas bazle purchase page to learn more about meduse lamp.


2.Warm White Meduse pendant light

Meduse pendant light

The bulb of this meduse lamp emits warm light. If you are a person who likes to read, the light of meduse lamp lukas bazle helps protect your eyes while you are reading. At the same time, you can work under its warm light to relieve your work pressure. You can control the intensity of the meduse lamp by lukas bazle light source and the direction of illumination by changing the shape of the lampshade of the meduse lamp by lukas bazle. Hang the meduse pendant light by lukas bazle in your living room and turn meduse lamp on to feel the soft warm light it emits. The meduse lamp can create a peaceful living atmosphere for you.


3. Large meduse light

Meduse pendant light

The specific size of Large flos meduse is Dia 40cm x H 30cm. If your interior space is spacious enough, this meduse lamp can decorate your interior well. Classic lampshade design style and practical modern lighting technology enable meduse lamp to bring endless fashion to your house. The large-sized meduse pendant light replica has a larger lighting space, which can make you have a more comfortable living and working environment. At the same time, this meduse lamp has two light sources to choose from, cold and warm.


4.Small meduse lamp

Méduse pendant light

Small size meduse lamp is suitable for rooms with small interior space. This kind of meduse lamp replica is very suitable for bedroom or studio, and can add a bit of fun to your daily life, work and study. The most important thing is that meduse lamp replica can protect your eyes when you work and study. At the same time, the meduse lamp is made of high-quality Metal, PVC, and Brass materials, so you don't need to worry about meduse lamp‘s quality. At the same time, this flos meduse also has cool and warm light sources for you to choose from. You can choose suitable products according to actual needs.


The above 4 meduse lamps are all sold on Kiki Lighting. You can enter the purchase page of the product by clicking the purchase link. There are detailed parameters about the meduse lamp for your reference. Kiki's purchase process is very convenient. After you place an order for meduse pendant lamp replica, the convenient logistics and transportation service will deliver the meduse lamp to you as soon as possible. The most important thing is that they have professional customer service and perfect after-sales service to ensure your consumption.