Industrial Chandelier

Here is Industrial Chandelier.

2097 Chandelier 2097 Chandelier 2
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2097 Chandelier

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GIRT Ball Chandelier GIRT Ball Chandelier 2
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GIRT Ball Chandelier exudes an elegant and generous sense in any space, which is ideal for hanging over the dining table. It will attract attention and render the dining atmosphere. It features a curved line with three luminous balls.
Molecular Minimal Pendant Lamp Molecular Minimal Pendant Lamp 2
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Full of natural fresh sense, Molecular Minimal Pendant Lamp looks like the branch reproduced in the modern style, which will create a warm and calm atmosphere for your home. Available in three color finishes and three different sizes.
Nordic Sunlight Pendant Lamp Nordic Sunlight Pendant Lamp 2
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The Nordic Sunlight Pendant Lamp is a minimal Nordic light fixture, which has a simple form of glass balls but a dramatic effect. Available in two sizes and two finishes.
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