Bird’s Nest Molecular... Bird’s Nest Molecular... 2
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Bird's Nest Molecular Pendant Lamp is inspired by the nature's product. Through cleverly designing, this molecular chandelier arranges several rods with light source to form the shape of nest. It will be a focal point in any space.
Curved Pea Pendant Lamp Curved Pea Pendant Lamp 2
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Curved Pea Pendant Lamp is an exquisite design composed by a curved track and some balls above it, which is like a floating boat. This interesting molecular chandelier is suitable for any indoor decorations. Available in two sizes.
RIBBON LED Chandelier RIBBON LED Chandelier 2
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The minimalist RIBBON LED Chandelier with unlimited ideas is a beautiful post-modern work of art. Flying ribbon is fixed in the air, so that this charm will stay in your house forever. With a variety of sizes, it is ideal for hanging over the dining table.
TOWNSHEND 4 Light Wooden Pendant Lamp TOWNSHEND 4 Light Wooden Pendant Lamp 2
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TOWNSHEND 4 Light Wooden Pendant Lamp is composed of a Matt Black ceiling plate which supports a rectangular wooden frame from which 4  lights suspend.
Zeppelin Chandelier Zeppelin Chandelier 2
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Zeppelin Chandelier

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Nordic Sunlight Pendant Lamp Nordic Sunlight Pendant Lamp 2
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The Nordic Sunlight Pendant Lamp is a minimal Nordic light fixture, which has a simple form of glass balls but a dramatic effect. Available in two sizes and two finishes.
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