Rattan Pendant Light

Here is rattan pendant light.

Japanese Rattan Pendant Light Japanese Rattan Pendant Light 2
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Inspired by nature, Japanese Rattan Pendant Light is not only beautiful, but also practical, as it can be hung anywhere. It is an ideal light source for a cozy atmosphere, relaxing your mind and body.
Japanese Zen Pendant Lamp Japanese Zen Pendant Lamp 2
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The Japanese Zen Pendant Lamp is a magical, subtle and pretty light that has a magical effect in modern interiors mix with the Japanese style. It is a pendant lamp integrates perfectly into each interior space and embellishes it uniquely.
Screen Cannage Pendant Light Screen Cannage Pendant Light 2
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The Screen Cannage Pendant Light creates a great sense of space and makes the room look neat. Full of natural sense, the beautiful rattan pendant lamp gives a quiet mood, which is suitable for home decoration.
Suspension Screen Cannage Suspension Screen Cannage 2
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Nordic pendant lamp, handcrafted from a woven rattan material that imparts a warm, welcoming glow to natural fibers and casts decorative light patterns throughout the room.
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