A gorgeous chandelier that can elevate your storefront or home decor. We have chandelier with candles, chandelier vintage, chandelier globes and other styles. For interior, we have chandelier for living room, chandelier for kitchen and chandelier for dining room and so on.

Soap Bubble Chandelier Soap Bubble Chandelier 2
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Soap Bubble Chandelier is an elegant and beautiful decoration. The clear glass balls form a cute shape. With the warm light, it is striking and gives off an alluring charm.
Nordic Branch Chandelier Nordic Branch Chandelier 2
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The Nordic Branch Chandelier is a artistic molecular chandelier which comes with curved linear body and spherical lampshades. The design of layers makes this chandelier extraordinarily stunning. Available in two finishes.
Minimalist Line Ball Chandelier Minimalist Line Ball Chandelier 2
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Minimalist Line Ball Chandelier reveals the charm of minimalist design and geometry, which is a simple combination of lines and balls. With a woody-printed processing, it is warm and natural, making it suitable for residential areas.
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