A gorgeous chandelier that can elevate your storefront or home decor. We have chandelier with candles, chandelier vintage, chandelier globes and other styles. For interior, we have chandelier for living room, chandelier for kitchen and chandelier for dining room and so on.

Molecular Minimal Pendant Lamp Molecular Minimal Pendant Lamp 2
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Full of natural fresh sense, Molecular Minimal Pendant Lamp looks like the branch reproduced in the modern style, which will create a warm and calm atmosphere for your home. Available in three color finishes and three different sizes.
RIBBON LED Chandelier RIBBON LED Chandelier 2
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The minimalist RIBBON LED Chandelier with unlimited ideas is a beautiful post-modern work of art. Flying ribbon is fixed in the air, so that this charm will stay in your house forever. With a variety of sizes, it is ideal for hanging over the dining table.
Nordic Minimalist Pendant Lamp Nordic Minimalist Pendant Lamp 2
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Nordic Minimalist Pendant Lamp has a unique design, which is composed by a curved body attached by glass balls in different sizes.  It is a graceful and concise molecular chandelier. Available in two sizes and two lampshade colors.
Post-modern PETAL Chandelier Post-modern PETAL Chandelier 2
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Post-modern PETAL Chandelier bloom a flower that will never fade in your house, as if the petals were dancing all over the sky. The air is filled with a sweet and pleasant atmosphere. When it is illuminated, light pink cherry blossoms reveal.
Bird’s Nest Molecular... Bird’s Nest Molecular... 2
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Bird's Nest Molecular Pendant Lamp is inspired by the nature's product. Through cleverly designing, this molecular chandelier arranges several rods with light source to form the shape of nest. It will be a focal point in any space.
TR Bulb Suspension TR Bulb Suspension 2
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TR Bulb Suspension

The stunning TB Bulb Suspension can be well integrated into any indoor environment due to its clean design without complex embellishments. It highlights the beauty of lines and the charm of glass balls.
BLOOM Ceiling Light BLOOM Ceiling Light 2
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Ceiling Light

BLOOM Ceiling Light

BLOOM Ceiling Light is a romantic and elegant ornament that lets your ceiling and wall bloom with flowers. This concise ceiling light allows simple lines and glass balls to outline beautiful patterns. When illuminated, it will be sparkling.
Nordic Element Chandelier Nordic Element Chandelier 2
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Nordic Element Chandelier is an interesting series of minimalist chandeliers. It makes the whole space no longer monotonous. It is available in three styles and two sizes, allowing it to meet a variety of needs.
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