Stylish And Adjustable KUU Pendant Light Series

Stylish And Adjustable KUU Pendant Light Series

Are you looking for a chandelier that can be adjusted at any time? This exquisite, simple and elegant KUU pendant light replica only needs to rotate the inner ring to show various shapes, which allows you to adjust the light at any time.

The KUU pendant lamp was conceived by Helsinki’s award-winning designer Elina Ulvio, inspired by the moon. The KUU pendant lamp replica has extremely high polarity and unlimited rotation angle. KUU chandelier can rotate to illuminate every corner of the room. In addition to the horizontal space, the staggered KUU reversible pendant lights also greatly expand the lighting range of the room.

The KUU pendant is inspired by Elina’s love of atmospheric lighting. She wants to create a light that can be adjusted from direct lighting to indirect lighting according to our various needs for light at different times of the day.

There are two designs of KUU chandelier. The difference between the design of KUU light is that the outer ring of design A is horizontal, and the outer ring of design B is vertical.

The light of the KUU lampa is so unique. When the KUU lampa kopia hangs above the ceiling of the living room, it will be a unique sight. You can design the inner ring of the KUU lampe replica, and the unique rotation angle will be unique. When the KUU light hangs above the dining table, the soft light it emits will make you feel relaxed. You can design the rotation angle of the KUU pendant lamp according to your needs, which can create a comfortable atmosphere.

The KUU lighting is made of high-quality brass/glass materials. The finish is black. You can hang KUU pendant lights individually or in multiple combinations. Hanging KUU lamps with different designs and shapes in combination and rotating them to an appropriate angle is not only particularly delicate, but also can embellish the space.

The biggest advantage of the KUU pendant lamp lies in the variety of operations it provides users. You can change the rotation angle of the KUU pendant light replica at any time to set the lighting angle and direction you want. Lamp KUU is very suitable for modern interior design, because it has straight lines and curves that are very suitable for contemporary interiors.

As the light changes over time, the lampe KUU can rotate throughout the day, and can change from direct to indirect according to your needs. Not only will the light change, the appearance of the lamp will also change with the shape of the circle and the crescent, just like the moon.

This exquisite KUU pendant light will definitely bring you more surprises. You can learn more about products on our website.

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