Elegant and light Vertigo Nova lamp

Elegant and light Vertigo Nova lamp

The lamps of the Vertigo Nova series are designed by Constance Guisset, a French designer with an original story. After studying economics and business at ESSEC and IEP in Paris, and after studying at the Tokyo Parliament for a year, she chose to focus on design. Her different research paths led her to collaborate on product design with companies such as Petite Friture, Fontana Arte, and Molenti.


The name of the Vertigo Nova series comes from a star. The shape of the lamp is very attractive with its unique lines and dynamics.
Constance Guisett said: “Vertigo Nova is born of the desire to work and shape light as an object, to soften and mould it. Here, the technical prowess lies in the mysterious sand-blasted glass. The purely functional is transformed into something beautiful, where only that which is essential remains: a light and delicate veil floating between two worlds”.

The Vertigo Nova series of lamps are designed with three styles of lamps, including wall lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps. Three styles of Vertigo Nova lamps are available for you to choose according to your personal preferences, whether vertigo nova led is installed in the living room, room or dining room, or for your indoor rest. Area, vertigo nova petite can well decorate your indoor space and enhance the style.

Vertigo Nova Wall Lamp

vertigo nova suspension
vertigo nova pendant lamp

The Vertigo Nove wall lamp stands on the wall like a big umbrella. This design style is very bold and unique. And vertigo nova’s material is very light, placed in a place with more air circulation, vertigo nova lamp will gently swing with the wind, like a dancing butterfly, very light and beautiful.Vertigo nova replica is perfect for decorating your bedroom and living room.

Under such a vertigo nova lamp, the soft lighting and elegant appearance seem to comfort the soul. When you are upset, you might as well lie on the sofa under this vertigo nova lamp and feel the beauty of life through this uniquely designed lamp.

Vertigo Nova Floor Lamp


The Vertigo Nove floor lamp has a slender frame that supports the all-black frame and bulb. If you are the owner of a restaurant, then buying this vertigo nova led is your first cost-effective choice for decorating your restaurant. The warm and comfortable light illuminates the guests on the table, and you will be able to enhance their dining experience. In addition, the vertigo nova light is also suitable for placement in the daily rest area.

It can not only decorate your indoor space, but also enhance the style. Under such a special vertigo lampa replica, drinking your favorite beverage and doing what you like is also a kind of comfortable life.

Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp

Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp is a very romantic lamp. Vertigo pendant replicas appearance lines are very smooth and gentle. Replica vertigo light is composed of a dozen lines to form a geometric chandelier. Vertigo nova pendant light looks like a lady’s big brimmed hat, full of French style. Seen from different angles, there will be different effects. Looking at this vertigo nova pendant light from the side, vertigo nova suspension’s lines overlap together, which looks like a flying butterfly.

Vertigo nova lampa’s material is relatively light, and suspension vertigo nova led is placed in a place where the indoor air is relatively circulated. As long as the wind blows, vertigo nova led will gently swing with the wind.

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Are you moved by such a beautiful Vertigo Nova Lamp? Come and choose the product that suits you.

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