Modern Spokes Suspension Lamp For You

Modern Spokes Suspension Lamp For You

Are you looking for a chandelier full of design? Foscarini spokes replica not only meets your needs, but also has many sizes and colors for you to choose from.


Spokes Suspension Lamp

The design of spokes pendelleuchte foscarini is inspired by images of antique oriental lanterns and birdhouses. With soft shapes and lightweight foscarini spokes lampe, it can filter light into the room. The light weight of the spokes lamp foscarini is combined with the solidity of the form made of metal rods and the practicality of the LED light source, making it perfect to illuminate the surface, and the interaction of light and shadow can be projected on the wall in a magical multiplication effect .

Foscarini spokes hanglamp includes three different design shapes, pendelleuchte spokes 1, pendelleuchte spokes 2 and pendelleuchte spokes 3. Among them, foscarini spokes 2 pendelleuchte includes two sizes, large and small. You can choose the right product according to your needs.

Foscarini spokes 1 suspension light is a light modern chandelier composed of vertical steel rods forming an elegant oval diffuser. The diffuser cleverly spreads the light to the surface below and the surrounding walls, creating a magical interaction of reflections and shadows.

The foscarini spokes 1 wit is made of high-quality steel and aluminum. The spokes foscarini replica stands tall and can bring out the exquisite atmosphere of any room. You can choose foscarini spokes zwart to be suspended individually or in multiple combinations. Hanging spokes suspension imitations of different sizes together is another unique sight. You can also carry out staggered suspension, the combination of different colors and different sizes of Spokes chandeliers will be unique.

The spokes express a feeling of lightness and movement. The light seems to have passed through a magical geometric grid, filtered out from the inside, and projected a kaleidoscope of blocks and voids. The shape of the foscarini spokes 2 pendelleuchte is reminiscent of a lantern or an aviary. Foscarini spokes 2 hanglamp is an ideal choice for living rooms, dining rooms and various commercial venues.

The Spokes 2 nachbau is a modern style lamp, perfect for any room. The cage design of the spokes 2 nero is made of thin steel tubes with stainless steel suspension cables and galvanized metal ceiling brackets. The unusual pattern of the foscarini spokes 2 large means that it will form a beautiful pattern on the wall when opened.



The foscarini spokes 2 white is an elusive, charming and undeniable charming design, reflecting the designer’s deep belief in function and quality. The foscarini spokes 2 sospensione has a lampshade made of steel and aluminum spokes, which is exquisitely shaped, reminiscent of water jets from a fountain. Spokes suspension is stylish and charming, and effortlessly adds elegance and elegance to any modern space.

The lightweight lampshade of the Spokes 3 chandelier combines with the solid structure displayed in the metal pole and the practicality of the LED light source to create a pleasant and elegant atmosphere for any location. Foscarini spokes 3 sospensione is very gorgeous as a bedside lamp or a characteristic corner lamp in a lounge. This kind of spokes lampen will surely inspire inspiration.



Spokes 3 suspension light shows a light appearance and elegant beauty, whether it is suspended separately or as part of a cluster, it is a striking work. The spokes 3 suspension replica has the appearance of a geometric grid, the light is filtered from the inside, and a kaleidoscope of shapes and shadows is cast on any surface that the light touches. The innovative design of the foscarini spokes lampe 3 is made of painted steel and aluminum and comes in a variety of colors. Spokes hanglamp replica is the perfect complement to your home, adding a touch of style and sculptural art to your space.

The modern and exquisite spokes suspension lamp is one of your buying options. You can learn more about products on our shopping page !

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