atollo lamp replica

Replica of atollo lamp, using the same craft and materials as the original. Our lamps are produced and sold by ourselves, eliminating the need for intermediary links, and can give you a more favorable price to the maximum under the condition of ensuring the excellent quality. What are you waiting for with such a high-quality and good-price product? The lampe atollo oluce is composed of geometric shapes: cylinder, cone and hemisphere. The light it emits is warm and comfortable. It is ideal for bedroom and living room. Placed on the bedside table, it can provide you with warm and comfortable light and relax your mood; placed at any location in the living room, it can meet your fixed-point lighting and can be moved anytime, anywhere. The oluce atollo gold is made of high-quality brass with a uniform texture. As the brushing process progresses, surface glazing is performed. Oluce atollo metal lamps are available in three different sizes: Atolo lamp 35, Atolo lamp 50 and Atolo lamp 70 . And have different surface treatments: white, black, gold or copper metal. You can choose the right product according to your needs.