The melt series are very beautiful lamps. Melt lamp tom dixom include melt pendant lamps, melt table lamps and melt floor lamps.

The melt lampa has two very beautiful forms: when melt lamp replica is turned on, it is translucent, which can produce a charming blow-molding effect of molten glass, and when melt lamp tom dixom is off, it is mirrored, just like a work of art. Tom melt lamps are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Next, let us learn about this beautiful dixon melt lamp series.

Melt floor and table lamp

The tom dixon melt lamp replica was designed by Tom Dixon. The melt light tom dixon not only has a beautiful appearance, but each lamp is unique. The melt light replica is made by the process of blow molding and vacuum metallization, making it more designable.


Melt pendant lamp

The exquisite melt pendant light replica can make your indoor space achieve a decorative effect. You can choose a single suspension or a combination suspension. There are also many ways to choose the combination suspension of melt mini pendant light: Melt pendant light tom dixon hangs side by side in the same color, melt glass pendant light hangs in the same color height design,tom dixon melt pendant hangs side by side in different colors, and tom dixon melt ceiling light replica hangs in different color heights.

Melt pendant light

The melt pendant lamp tom dixon is available in four colors and four sizes. The melt pendant gold is very noble and elegant. The red melt pendant mini is very eye-catching. The melt pendant tom dixon silver is charming and beautiful. The tom dixon melt pendant smoke is luxurious. The variety of tom dixon melt pendant replica sizes and colors can meet your purchasing needs.

Each different combination is a brand new design. You can combine it according to your needs, and believe melt pendant by tom dixon will become a unique design.

Melt pendant light

When the melt chandelier hangs above the ceiling, it is very beautiful. The melt chandelier is ideal for dining tables and living rooms. The hanging melt pendant light replica above the ceiling of the living room allows your guests to notice this exquisite chandelier at a glance, adding brilliance and vitality to the living room; the hanging melt chandelier above the dining table allows you to feel the warm and comfortable light it emits. Create a charming atmosphere and relax during your meal.

If you are choosing a pendant lamp that has a sense of design and can make your own suspension design, I believe that the melt chandelier is one of your best choices.


Melt table lamp

The melt table lamp tom dixom uses high-tech manufacturing technology to achieve the perfect effect of melting the sphere. The tom dixon melt table lamp replica is available in gold, red and chrome colors. You can choose the color of the melt table light according to your own interior design style.

Melt floor and table lamp

You can place the tom dixon melt table lamp gold on the living room, dining table or bedside table. When the melt table lamp chrome is placed on the table, it can be embellished like a beautiful piece of art. When you light up the melt table lamp replica, the soft diffused light it emits will make the whole space linger with a warm atmosphere.


Melt floor lamp

The design of melt floor lamp replica is inspired by Tom Dixon's fascination with vacuum metallization process. The melt floor lamp tom dixon achieves rich and unusual brightness through the blow molding and vacuum metallization process of the molten sphere.

Melt floor and table lamp

The melt floor lamp replica is available in gold, red and chrome colors. The melt floor tom dixon is combined with high-quality metal poles and shades of different shapes and sizes, just like a beautiful tree.

You can choose single-head or multiple combination tom dixon melt floor lamps. When the tom dixon melt floor light is placed at the corner of the indoor space, it not only has a beautiful effect, but also can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for you.


The exquisite melt lamp replica can make you feel the joy of the lamp.