The aim pendant light replica is a very popular chandelier. The aim led pendant light is designed by Bouroullec brothers, and can meet a variety of personalized lighting needs through a simple design. The aim led multi-light pendant light is mainly made of high-quality aluminum/acrylic. The aim pendant lamp replica is available in classic black and white colors. No matter which color you choose, aim multi light pendant can be well integrated into various interior decoration styles, which can meet your diverse requirements.

The replica flos aim lamp has different head numbers to choose from, you can choose the right one according to the size of the interior space and the design form. The lampara aim flos replica with 1-3 heads is suitable for small area lighting. The lampada flos aim replica with 4-6 heads is suitable for living room, sink and kitchen lighting. The aim pendant lamp with 7-10 heads is suitable for design lighting in the living room. Next, let us take a look at the special features of different sizes of aim pendant lamp replica.

Aim pendant light


1 head flos aim pendant replica

Are you looking for a chandelier with precise lighting. Then a 1-head flos aim pendant replica can meet your needs. The aim flos lampa can adjust the cable and the direction of the lamp head, so you can design according to your needs, and rotate the lamp head to the place where you need to illuminate. The directional lighting of flos aim klein allows you to turn the light to the place that needs lighting at any time.

Aim pendant light


2 heads leuchte aim lamp von flos

The special feature of the 2-head aim lampe flos is that you can position the two lamp heads according to your needs or design by adjusting the length of the cable. The two heads of the aim lampa flos can be placed in completely different directions for lighting. You can choose white or black aim chandelier, both of which can play a very good decorative effect.

Aim pendant light


3-head aim pendant light

The flos aim small 3 replica is a combination that is very popular with consumers. The aim suspension is ideal for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, lounges and sinks. You can choose to illuminate the aim pendel in the same direction or adjust the cable to illuminate in different directions. The pendel lampe aim is not only beautiful, but also very practical.

Aim pendant light


4 heads aim pendelleuchte replica

The light from the 4-head aim hanglamp is warm and comfortable, and it can provide directional light. If you want to buy cold light aim replica light, we can adjust it at any time according to your requirements. Just adjust the cable, you can easily achieve precise lighting. The aim flos imitazione is very suitable for modern indoor home lighting.

Aim pendant light


5-head flos aim copy

The flos aim zwart is simple in design, easy to install, and can meet the needs of precise lighting at the same time. When the aim pendant light replica is hung in the living room, the unique design and hanging method can play a very decorative effect. When the flos aim small replica hangs above the dining table, the soft light creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere, allowing you to relax the tired mood of the day and enjoy the joy of dining.



6 heads flos aim replica

The 6-head flos aim replika can achieve different directions and a wide range of lighting. Many chandeliers are concentrated in one center, and it is difficult to achieve large-scale lighting. Therefore, you can choose to buy a long-headed flos aim reproduction. The difference between the flos aim tweedehands and the traditional chandelier is that it can achieve multi-center spotlight by adjusting the height of the chandelier, the lateral distribution of the chandelier and the direction of the lamp holder.

Aim pendant light


7 heads flos aim imitazione

The staggered 7-head flos aim pendant white looks very layered at first glance, unlike a traditional single chandelier. The charm of flos aim pendel is enough to surprise your guests constantly and admire them. A single chandelier can make the room very dull. This flos aim pendelleuchte replica is different. The unique layering of flos lampe aim can add vitality to the whole room.

Aim pendant light


8 heads flos lampe aim large

The 8-head flos lampada aim is very versatile, not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because it provides convenience in use. The flos aim sospensione is arranged high and low, which can fully occupy most of the space, making the originally empty and single indoor space more rich in design and hierarchy. This flos aim hanglamp replica has a diameter of 18cm x H 15cm/ ∅ 7″ x H 5.9″ and a diameter of 24.5cm x H 18cm/ ∅ 10″ x H 7″. The combination of flos aim lamp replica of different sizes is more unique.



9 heads flos aim light replica

9-head flos aim suspension light replica can make a wide range of indoor spaces look richer and warmer. The flos aim lampa is very different from the traditional non-adjustable chandelier. The flos aim leuchte can be adjusted not only vertically, but also horizontally. The most interesting thing is that the lampe aim replica can be placed at any level to form your favorite shape.

Aim pendant light


10 heads lampada aim replica

The 10-head lampara aim flos replica is the same as the 9-head chandelier, which is very suitable for lighting large spaces. You can design the lighting direction of the flos aim big to achieve lighting and design effects. When the lampada aim replica hangs above the ceiling, it is like a fine artwork, which can achieve a good decorative effect. When you light up the aim chandelier, the lighting realized from different directions through design will make you like it at a glance.

Aim pendant light