The aj series designs include aj table lamps, aj wall lamps and aj floor lamps. The aj style lamp was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1957, and it is popular all over the world for its simple and fashionable appearance. The following is the introduction of Arne Jacobsen Lamp.


Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen is one of the pioneers of Scandinavian design. He designed the aj lampa bordslampa in 1960 as part of one of his greatest projects, the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Just like the aj lampa series. The characteristic of Arne Jacobsen lamps is extremely delicate. The lampshade is located on a narrow strip leading to the base. 


Like many medieval Danish designers and architects, Arne Jacobsen is remembered by people because he created functional designs that are simple and beautiful. At the same time arne jacobsen furniture is also very popular. The unique quality of its design style makes these lamps a modern classic. There are several aj replicas for you to choose from.


Aj Table Lamp Replica

Aj lampe bordlampe is very suitable to be placed on the desk and bedside table, and as a detail of the living room is also very eye-catching. The aj table lamp reproduction is very popular because of its special appearance design. The aj tafellamp is characterized by its asymmetrical shape and tiltable lamp cap, which is most suitable for places that require obvious and directional lighting. The black steel tube and open circular base support the lampshade. The outer side of the lampshade of aj tischlampe is black, and the inner side is white reflective coating. The base of the aj table lamp louis poulsen lamp has a hole, which adds elegance and lightness to the design.

Aj table lamp black

Aj table light has become the epitome of Scandinavian design with its simple but powerful design language. The light from aj desk lamp is warm and comfortable. Aj tafellamp is ideal for bedroom and living room. The aj tischlampe is placed in the living room, simple and stylish. The aj table lamp mini is placed in the bedroom, you can feel its warm and comfortable light, and relax the tense mood after a day.

Aj table lamp black


Aj Lamp Wall Replica

The aj wandlamp replica combines pure and timeless design and excellent lighting, which can be adjusted freely in the vertical direction. This timeless aj wall light replica has a sculptural design and consists of a basic geometric shape: a conical lampshade connected to a simple cylinder. The aj applique murale has an adjustable lampshade, and the interior is painted matte white, reflecting soft and pleasant light without glare.

Aj wall lamp

The color and design of aj lampe væglampe embody minimalism. The aj wandlamp replica emits light directed downwards. The aj wandlampe replica can adjust the angle of the shadow to optimize the light distribution. The aj wall light replica is slim, simple and unobtrusive. Aj wall lamp black is very suitable for adding a simple and practical beauty to the living room, bedroom and reading room. Aj lamp wall replica is a great choice for bedrooms, offices and reading corners.

Aj wall lamp


Aj Floor Lamp Replica

Aj lampa golvlampa is perfect for reading and general lighting. The louis poulsen aj floor light is stunning but unobtrusive. Aj floor lamp poulsen is a beautiful complement to your reading corner, bedroom or study room. Aj stehlampe is a lamp that combines pure and timeless design with excellent innovative lighting technology. The aj vloerlamp is a true modern classic and will never be outdated due to its timelessness.

Aj floor lamp

The louis poulsen aj floor lamp replica has a tiltable lamp head, which has an obvious asymmetric shape, which determines the light characteristics of the lamp. Its unique design quality makes the aj floor replica a modern classic. The head of the vloerlamp can be tilted to provide glare-free directional light. aj table lamp replica requires less space than aj floor lamp louis poulsen and can decorate any space in your interior. At the same time, aj wall lamp replica is also one of your good choices.

Aj floor lamp

The aj lampa replica sold by Kiki lighting uses the same craftsmanship and materials as the original. Our lamps are self-produced and sold, eliminating the need for intermediate links. Under the premise of ensuring good quality, we will give you a more favorable price to the greatest extent. What are you waiting for such a high-quality and affordable product? Come and buy arne jacobsen lamp replica.