Beat lamp tom dixon is a classic of the 21st century. It is part of the beat series designed by Tom Dixon. The beat lamp series replicas are made of solid brass, combined with contrasting inner and outer surfaces to create a luminous effect. The design is inspired by handmade brass cooking pots and water containers found in India.

All beat pendant light replicas have a simple black color in common. However, each pendant lamp provides different lighting. Since the shape of each size design is different, even the brass-colored interior looks different. Tom dixon beat lamp replicas include beat tall pendant replicas, beat fat pendant replicas and beat wide pendant replicas.

The beat tall pendant light replica is a long funnel-shaped pendant lamp. The beat fat pendant light replica is small but compact. The beat wide pendant light replica has a flat but soft tone. Next, let us take a look at their differences.

Beat tall pendant light replica

The beat tall pendant lamp replica, as the name suggests, is a tall and thin style in tom dixon beat pendant series, just like a horn. Beat tall pendant lamp replicas are suitable for hanging in pairs or as a trio on a kitchen island or table. Tom dixon beat pendant light replicas are often used as a combination statement along with complementary shades of other styles in the series. The beat pendant light replica series is rustic and modern, adding a modern touch to the interior design.

Beat fat pendant light replica

The beat fat pendant lamp replica is a medium-sized brass ceiling lamp with a warm golden interior. The tom dixon beat fat pendant white provides direct downward light. Tom dixon beat collection contains a variety of pendants to suit rooms of various shapes and sizes.

Beat wide pendant light replica

The beat wide pendant black is a medium-sized ceiling lamp with a contrasting warm golden interior. The tom dixon beat fat pendant replica provides a wider range of direct light, making it ideal for use on the kitchen table or in the center of the room. The exquisite form of the beat wide pendant lamp replica is a tribute to the beauty of handmade products. The warm golden light is projected, reflecting the room, and the light is evenly distributed in your space, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Tom dixon beat pendant replica

The tom dixon beat pendant copy emits a soft golden light inside, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere no matter where it is placed. Tom dixon beat pendant black replicas can be used in many different configurations to create your own luminous rhythm. Use one or more shapes in the beat series to hang them individually or as a group to emit warm light on the dining table.

This is the effect of the beat tall pendant light replica, the beat fat pendant light replica and the beat wide pendant light replica hanging at the same height. These shapes complement the minimalist aesthetics and make things interesting.

The beat pendant tom dixon replica can be used alone to highlight an area of ​​the room or as a separate pendant lamp. If you use different shapes of pendant lamps in the beat series for combined suspension, it will create an eye-catching effect.