Are you looking for high-quality series products? Kikilighting sells high-quality ph 3/2 lampa series replica, which can allow you to enjoy more favorable prices. The ph replica lamper is a classic design work. The design of the replica ph 3/2 is based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which can direct most of the light downward. The lampshade of the ph lamp replica is made of mouth blown opal three-layer glass, the top is glossy, the bottom is sandblasted and matte, and the light distribution is soft and even.

Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen is an indispensable figure in the field of lighting design and architecture. His revolutionary perspective on the use of light in the home has led to many pioneering designs.

Henningsen produced the first version of the groundbreaking PH multicolor lamp, which is a classic work of modern lighting design, with independent elements. The shape and assembly of these elements make the bulb covered and illuminated pointing downwards, creating a softness , The effect of diffusion.

Henningsen is aware of the importance of light in urban life, but seeks a way to suppress the glare of electric light and at the same time use its mood-changing characteristics. He believes that the beauty of the interior is highly dependent on the way light is used.

The ph lampa 3/2 series includes ph 3/2 pendant lamp, ph 3/2 table lamp and ph 3/2 wall lamp. The most important feature of the series is completeness. When you put the design products of the same series in your room, they will correspond to each other, and they will look unique.


PH 3/2 Pendant Replica

Originally designed for an exhibition in Paris in the 1920s, the influence of Art Deco blends perfectly with a clear form, with a distinct Scandinavian aesthetic. Made of beautiful hand-blown Italian glass, the reflective 3-color light system directs most of the light downward while still creating a warm glow around the lamps. Ph 3/2 pendant light replica is very suitable for hanging on the low place above the coffee table in the living room or gathering in a group in the dining space. Louis poulsen ph 3/2 pendant is a timeless supplement to the interior space.

PH 3/2 Pendant

The ph 3/2 pendant lamp replica is part of the three-color system developed by Paul Henningsen in 1925-1926. In this system, the metal lampshade is painted to ensure a comfortable and even light distribution, mainly downwards. Henningsen seeks to create glare-free lighting and aim the light where it is most needed while creating soft shadows.

PH 3/2 Pendant

PH 3/2 pendel replica is mainly made of high-quality metal and glass materials. The ph lampa kopia is available in two colors: black and stainless steel. The design size of the ph 3/2 pendant lamp replica is Dia 28cm*H 27cm, which allows you to choose a single suspension or multiple suspensions in combination. When the high and low staggered ph 3/2 pendant replica hang above the ceiling, it is like an exquisite small umbrella, so eye-catching. You can also choose to install different colors of ph 3/2 pendel replicas in different indoor spaces, which will give you a sense of design.


PH 3/2 Table Lamp Replica

PH 3/2 table lamp replica is a modern and elegant design table lamp. Made of three reflective screens, ph bordslampa kopia can direct most of the light downwards, illuminating your environment in a first-class way. The screen made of white opal glass is handmade. Because of its design and processing, ph 3/2 replica produces a glossy effect on the top, and the bottom is polished, which will be able to spread even light in each room.

PH Table Lamp

The ph 3/2 table lamp replica is available in three colors: black, green, and stainless steel. The main difference between them is the color of the top lampshade and the color of the lamp pillar. The black ph 3 2 tischleuchte replica is composed of an opal lampshade and a black metal pillar. The main feature of the green ph 3/2 replica is that the uppermost lampshade is green. The biggest feature of stainless steel ph 3/2 tischleuchte replica is that it is made of stainless steel pillars. They can all create a classic and elegant image in the living room, bedroom or dining table.

PH Table Lamp

The ph 3/2 bordlampe replica is available in two sizes: Dia 29cm x H 46cm and Dia 45cm x H 65cm. The small-size ph 3/2 table lamp replica can be placed on the dining table and bedside table, and the large-size ph 3/2 tafellamp replica can be placed in the living room or corridor. The ph table lamp replica can not only provide sufficient lighting, but also the soft light can create a comfortable atmosphere.


PH 3/2 Wall Lamp Replica

The ph 3/2 lampe is characterized by the use of a three-color light arrangement-Henningsen found that by placing three concentric lights on each other, the light can be guided more accurately and glare can be significantly reduced. When you turn on the ph 3/2 væglampe, you will see how effective this concept is.

PH 3/2 Wall Lamp

The ph 3/2 wall lamp replica was designed by Poul Henningsen in 1925 and is considered to be part of the classic design and popular lighting product series in the 1930s. The louis poulsen ph 3/2 wall lamp is connected to the wall through a bracket and adopts a highly recognizable three-layer design. Each layer is made of powder-coated metal to suppress light and prevent excessive glare. The ph wall lamp replica can thus emit soft light, making it an ideal choice for corridors and as a supplement to the main light in the bedroom or living room.

PH 3/2 Wall Lamp

The exquisite ph 3/2 lampa series design works can not only meet your lighting needs, but also can embellish the interior space. The replica ph 3/2 series sold on kikilighting have more favorable prices. What are you waiting for?