If you are looking for a beautiful replica of a table lamp, then the exquisite kartell bourgie lamp is one of your choices. Kikilighting sells kartell bourgie table lamp replicas. The kartell bourgie lamp small replica uses the same craftsmanship and materials as the original, which can give you more discounts under the premise of ensuring product quality.

The kartell bourgie lamp multicolor was designed by Ferruccio Laviani. The kartell bourgie lamp wit is made of high-quality acrylic material. The transparent striped glass lampshade and the exquisite table lamp base are like an elegant work of art. The bourgie table lamp by kartell has a flared shadow and a pleated texture, which can create a magnificent diffuse light.


Kartell bourgie table lamp replica is a classic table lamp with modernist design style. Kartell bourgie table light replica is the embodiment of the combination of Baroque style and Italian style. Kartell bourgie light replica is a harmonious collision of traditional classics and modern innovations. Kartell bourgie style table lamp has four colors to choose from: Black, Orange, Red, Transparent. You can choose the color of the kartell bourgie replica according to the interior decoration style or preference.


Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp Black

The kartell bourgie lamp black is noble and magnificent. The lampshade and base of the kartell bourgie tafellamp are black. The single color design of kartell bourgie lamp zwart has unique details, making it more delicate. When the kartell replica bourgie lamp is placed on the table, it looks like an exquisite work of art, which looks elegant and full of sentiment.

kartell bourgie table lamp


Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp Transparen

The transparent kartell bourgie tischlampe is suitable for a variety of modern and traditional interior designs. When the kartell lampe bourgie replica is placed in the living room or corridor, it can be matched with flowers or small objects with colors, which will give it a strong romantic atmosphere. There is a strong sense of love in the space.


The kartell bourgie light clear is very suitable to be placed in a simple design style. When the kartell bourgie table lamp clear is placed above the table or next to the window, it can be well integrated with the interior design. When you light up the kartell bourgie tafellamp transparent, the comfortable and soft light reflects and radiates inside the lampshade, making you feel its warmth.


Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp Orange

The orange kartell bourgie lampa is more lively and playful. The brightly colored kartell bourgie tischlampe will make the space more vibrant. Replica lampe de table kartell bourgie is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. When the lampa stołowa kartell bourgie is placed in the living room, the exquisite pleated lampshade and the Baroque base will make your guests love it at a glance.

kartell bourgie table lamp


Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp Red

The red kartell bourgie lampara can play a very good decorative effect in interior design. Whether it is used on the side table in the living room or to create an atmosphere on the bedside table, the kartell bourgie bordslampa can well interpret its uniqueness. Red is the most special color of kartell bourgie bordslampas. Red represents celebration and can create a cheerful atmosphere. The kartell bourgie replica red can also be placed in the exquisitely designed interior. The nobility and elegance highlighted by the red kartell bourgie table light is even more charming.

kartell bourgie table lamp

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