The multi lite replica was designed in 1972 by the Danish designer Louis Weisdorf. The gubi multi lite replica consists of three basic shapes, two immovable cylinders and a hemisphere. The hemisphere is a unique design of the gubi multi lite pendant replica. The hemisphere of the gubi multi-lite pendant light is not inseparable like traditional products. The hemisphere of the gubi multi-lite pendel brugt is divided into two parts, so it can be moved. You can design the shape and light of the lampa wisząca multi-lite gubi by rotating the two parts of the hemisphere.


Multi-Lite Pendant Light

The gubi multi lite gebraucht is made of high-quality Metal/Steel. The gubi multi-lite hanglamp is available in six colors: Black, Blue, Copper, Silver, and White. Classic black and white are suitable for hanging in various styles of indoor spaces. Exquisite copper and silver exude a noble and elegant atmosphere. The fresh blue is more lively and colorful. Each color of multi-lite pendant lamp is a special design.

Multi-Lite pendant light


Gubi Multi Lite Klein - Black

Multi-Lite pendant light

The gubi multi lite black is not only suitable for single suspension, but also for multiple combined suspension. When multiple gubi multi lite lampas are hung in an orderly arrangement, they will look very beautiful under the light, which is very suitable for hanging in the living room, dining table and various commercial places. If you don't know what color gubi multi lite lampa to choose, then you can choose black. The gubi multi lite noir can meet your needs for any style design. 


Gubi Multi-Lite Pendel - Blue


The gubi multi lite blå is composed of two blue cylinders and a blue hemisphere, and is connected by a copper-colored metal frame and black wires. Vivid blue gives a playful and lively feeling, very suitable for hanging in the children's room and above the dining table. When the gubi multi lite small hangs above the dining table, the warm and comfortable light and chic design will make your guests love it at a glance. 


Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp - Copper


The copper-colored gubi multi-lite pendel messing is made up of a uniform copper color with black wires for embellishment. You can choose gubi multi lite brass single suspension or multiple suspension. Gubi multi-lite pendelleuchtes of different colors will look very unique when matched, and it is a good choice to arrange them neatly or high and low.


Multi-Lite Pendant Light - Silver


The silver gubi multi lite lampe gives a strong industrial style. The gubi multi lite mini is composed of simple geometric shapes, but it can be admired in terms of ingenious detail design. When you turn half of the lampshade of the multi-Lite pendant light, you can not only design the shape of the gubi multi lite large, but also determine the diffused light. The chic design will be unique.


Multi Lite Pendant Gubi - White


The gubi multi lite hvit is very suitable for modern home design style. Rotate the two halves of the gubi multi lite hvid hemisphere downwards, and the light will illuminate the ceiling and create a comfortable atmosphere. By positioning the two halves of the gubi multi lite white hemisphere upwards to produce downward light, sufficient lighting can be provided. If the two halves of the multi lite lamp hemisphere are moved relative to each other, the light will be scattered indirectly, and the lampshade will look like an exquisite work of art.


Kikilighting sells replicas of the multi lite lampa, using the same craftsmanship and materials as the original, which can provide you with a more favorable price under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product. You deserve to own this exquisite gubi multi lite pendel.