The simple home style created by monochrome has a sense of the times and is the first choice of many fashionable people. Only under the mutual rendering of color furniture and accessories, the interior furniture presents an elegant and concise visual experience.

As a fashionable color that is not old, black is not only classic, but also versatile and not easy to make mistakes. Especially under the contrast of light and dark, the simple style created is more visually pleasant than other colors. The following are the elements of using black lamps to create a simple style:


Element 1: With white elements, black and white are neat and distinct

It is difficult to create a light and concise feeling by just relying on black as a color. It is necessary to combine white elements to increase the contrast. In this way, many people will be entangled in how to match the area ratio of black and white in the home?


Smithfield Suspension ceiling light

Match 1: The interior is mainly decorated in white and black, and the black and white are neat and distinct, so that the space does not appear to be oppressive. Large areas of white walls and other furniture, modern black lighting fixtures play an important role in decoration, simple and bright. Together with other furniture with black elements, such as long tables and cabinets, it highlights the sense of simplicity and atmosphere.


Beat Pendant Light

Match 2:The interior is mainly black, showing the classic charm of black. The black lighting and metal elements add to the overall cool feeling and make the home very textured. Of course, you can choose to place a black iron pendant light.


Mondrian Glass Ceiling Light


Element 2: Choose simple iron material lighting

The lighting has a finishing touch in creating a home atmosphere. The black and simple wrought iron lighting has a simple color tone and a simple structure. This is undoubtedly more suitable for creating a simple style home, choosing the right lighting is also the essence of home taste. Black iron chandelier is a very good choice.


Metal wire pendant lamp


Atomium chandelier

Or choose black iron pendant chandelier, which is far away from the furniture under the lamp, creating a simple landscape. The warm lighting effectively adjusts the monochromatic boring feeling, and the space adds a bit of artistic flavor.


Element 3: In addition to chandeliers, other types of lighting are also used

Be good at using various types of black lighting fixtures, such as wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, to decorate the room, there will be unexpected visual effects, so that the home is simple, more artistic, and achieve a better effect. If your living room has a low floor height, you can use floor lamps with wall lamps to avoid the oppression caused by choosing chandelier, and at the same time meet the indoor lighting needs.


Lride Wall Lamp


Taccia Table Lamp

Choosing the modern black lighting fixtures appropriately and matching them well can make the space of Nuoda bid farewell to monotony and hollowness.