Lighting is one of the indispensable important elements in home decoration. Choosing a good lighting can create a good indoor atmosphere. According to statistics, chandeliers and ceiling lamps are the two most popular types of lighting in the current family. Many people do not know which one to buy when buying. Today, I will introduce you to chandeliers and ceiling lamps, as well as their suitable spaces.


The pendant light is highly decorative, suitable for the living room

Users who buy pendant light are often attracted by the beautiful and fashionable appearance of the pendant light. pendant lights tend to emphasize aesthetics and decoration, so there are many styles of pendant lights, such as retro candlestick pendant light, pendant light modern, Chinese style pendant light, pendant light with crystal and so on.


Single-head pendant light is mostly used in bedrooms and dining rooms to provide lighting conditions to create a warm atmosphere. Multi-head pendant light is generally installed in the living room and main hall to play a decorative and beautifying effect and emphasize the effect. Special attention is needed: the installation height of the pendant light should not be less than 2.2 meters from the ground.

Branching bubble chandelier
Overlap Suspension Lamp

The pendant light large is luxurious and elegant, suitable for users who want to create a luxurious and noble atmosphere. Of course, large pendant light is more suitable for users with a large family area. Of course, there are many modern and simple pendant light styles on the market, and they are not limited to the area of the living room. There is also a lot of room for selection, and various shapes and colors can be selected.

Heracleum chandelier324

Pendant light chandelier are also one of the preferences of consumers, but we need to pay attention to identification when buying. The light and shadow effects of different materials on the chandelier must be different. It is recommended to choose a chandelier that can install energy-saving light sources as much as possible. Such chandelier is more cost-effective.


In addition, it is not recommended to choose the pendant light made of electroplated layer. The pendant light made of electroplated layer is easy to fade after a long time, which affects the appearance. pendant lights made of all metal and glass are better.


Ceiling lights are practical and versatile

Ceiling lights are relatively not limited by space. Compared with chandeliers, ceiling lights are more practical. In the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, storage room and even aisle, ceiling lights can play a huge advantage.Ceiling lights are lamps that are absorbed or embedded in the ceiling of the roof. They can be used as the main indoor lighting equipment. They are often used in various places such as homes and offices.


Generally, ceiling lights with a diameter of about 20cm are suitable for use in walkways and bathrooms, while those with a diameter of 40cm are suitable for installation in rooms larger than 16 square meters. The most common ceiling lights are square shade ceiling lights, round ball ceiling lights, pointed oblate ceiling lights, semi-spherical ceiling lights, semi-oblate ceiling lights, small rectangular shade ceiling lights and so on.

Modern Black-Golden Ceiling Light


Is a pendant light or a ceiling lamp better?

Is it better to choose a pendant light or a ceiling lamp? This needs to be determined according to the decoration style. The first is the living room and dining room, which mainly depends on the height of the house. It is no problem to choose pendant lights for living rooms and dining rooms with a ceiling height of more than 2.6 meters. If the ceiling height is less than 2.6 meters, ceiling lights are recommended for the living room. The advantage of the pendant light is that the light is soft and the atmosphere is better, but the disadvantage is that the brightness of the light may be insufficient when the space is large.


Three Tips For Buying Lamps

The first tip for buying lighting: pay attention to the safety of lighting, choose materials that are not easily damaged when buying, and first check whether the certificate and warranty are complete.


The second tip for buying lighting: pay attention to the light transmission of the lighting, choose uniform materials when buying, and it is best not to choose a lampshade with poor light transmission, which will affect the light.


The third tip for buying lighting: Pay attention to the durability of the lighting. You should choose a good-quality bulb when buying. Poor-quality bulbs are easy to turn black, which not only affects the lighting effect of the lamp, but also affects the service life of the lamp.