Suspension screen cannage is a brand from France that specializes in manufacturing lighting fixtures. This brand is very good at using rattan, brass and other materials, and the appearance can be changed in many ways, bringing a luxurious and classic feeling.

Screen cannage consists of several screen sizes rattan, the faint light reflected on the inside, a force for bringing elegant gentle feminine, feeling a hint of looming, but also elegant atmosphere. As a relatively large-scale chandelier, the most important thing about screen cannage is to subtly combine these screens to become a poetic product.

Suspension Screen Cannage

A lamp is a lighting tool when darkness comes, and lamp is also a decorative embellishment for home taste. Since the advent of electric lights, people's demand for lamps has no longer stayed at the basic stage of lighting. The existence of lamps brings people a sense of belonging that has far exceeded the value of the lamps themselves.

No matter where you are, having a good-looking lamp can not only create an atmosphere and change your mood, but also become the finishing touch to the style of your home. Suspension screen cannage is such a valuable lamp. Suspension screen cannage can let you after a busy day come home, turn on the light and feel the warmth.

Suspension Screen Cannage

The screen of suspension screen cannage is made of bamboo, wood, and metal. The material is very light and airy. The light from the bulb is warm and not dazzling. At the same time, suspension screen cannage has 2 different types of lights for you to choose from: screen cannage pendant lamp and suspension screen cannage wall lamp. Suspension screen cannage wall lamp has two sizes. You can choose the right suspension screen cannage lamp according to your personal needs.


Suspension Screen Cannage - Chandelier


The suspension cannage ampm is equipped with ten hollow vines and a light bulb emitting warm yellow light in the center. Suspension cannage design looks like a wrap ten yellow leaves made a lighting, but also has the natural flavor yet elegant style. Ten blades suspension screen cannage, each has a different shape and size and angles can refract light different angles, presents the different visual effects.

Lustre suspension cannage is very suitable for hanging in the living room. Install suspension cannage vintage in the area that can be seen when you enter the door. Lampe suspension cannage will definitely be very eye-catching and enrich your interior decoration.


Suspension Screen Cannage - Wall Lamp

Wall Lamp - Dia33cmxH42cm



Wall Lamp - Dia77cmxH59cm


Screen cannage wall lamp can be placed in the corridor and bedroom. Suspension luminaire cannage can provide you with soft light, allowing you to do whatever you want in a comfortable environment. Lampe suspension cannage wall lamp can also be used as a good decoration. The appearance of suspension screen cannage wall lamp is not rigid. The appearance lines of the lampe suspension cannage are changeable and irregular shapes. Lampe suspension cannage are very special. Lampe suspension cannage look like guitar picks and yellow fallen leaves. Whether suspension cannage vintage is a single installation or multiple installations, placing the suspension screen cannage wall lamp in your home can increase the beauty of the house.

Suspension screen cannage wall lamp has two sizes and shapes for you to choose from. Suspension screen cannage wall lamp can also be placed in your recreation area, reading area and corridor. The lighting of suspension screen cannage wall lamp will create a comfortable environment where you can relax. Suspension screen cannage wall lamp provides soft lighting to help you focus on reading and provide you with lighting when the corridor is not well lit.