The shape of the orb pendant lamp is very special. It is not a simple lamp consisting of a lampshade and a light bulb in the traditional impression. Hanging glass orb lamp has a sense of design. Orb hanging lights looks like a branch full of ripe fruits, the lamp bracket is the branch, and the bulbous bulb on the bracket is the fruit, giving chandelier orb hanging light a feeling of fruitfulness. People can't help but appreciate hanging orb light's unique appearance. In addition to having the most basic lighting conditions, hanging orb lamp can also be used as a good interior decoration product.

Hanging orb pendant light has two bracket colors for you to choose: black and bass, and the size is 4 heads and 6 heads to choose from. The 6 heads orb pendant light is placed horizontally, and the 4 heads orb hanging lamp is placed vertically. In addition, you can also choose different bulb glass colors. There are a total of five choices for the bulb glass color, which are amber glass, blue glass, clear glass, milk glass and smoke glass. The appearance of this orb lamp is very diverse, and you can choose according to your personal preferences.

Variety of glass colors

Orb Hanging Lamp-Amber Glass

The hanging glass orb lamp with amber glass cover. The orb hanging lamp's glass lamp cover comes with a faint golden yellow, and each bulb is not arranged in an orderly manner, but scattered on the lamp bracket at different angles. No matter where you place the orb hanging lights in your room, the orb pendant light can let you feel orb lamp's warm and comfortable light and relax. Hang the orb lamp indoors, let your guests notice this orb chandelier at a glance, adding luster to the living room.



Orb Hanging Lamp-Blue Glass

Generally few lamps will add blue elements, but light orb pendant lamps uses blue as the color of hanging glass orb's lampshade. Blue looks very fresh and special. The lampshade is made of glass, which makes the chandelier more cool and transparent. The blue orb lamp is more suitable for installation with bright-colored furniture, complementing each other, and becoming the finishing touch of the interior decoration.



Orb Hanging Lamp-Clear Glass

The replica lampa orb with transparent glass cover looks very transparent, and the completely transparent lamp cover makes the visual effect look brighter and looks spotless. The transparent glass lampshade is like dazzling diamonds, inlaid on the lamp holder. The unique and chic design makes the orb chandelier lamp more ornamental, whether hanging glass orb is Installed on the  bathroom, the bedroom or the dining room, round orb lamp is a good choice.



Orb Hanging Lamp-Milk Glass

The orb hanging lamp milk glass shade is not so transparent compared to other lampshades, but this is also orb hanging lamp milk glass's most special place, so the light emitted by the orb lampa of the colored glass shade is softer and gentler, which makes people feel very comfortable , And soon feel relaxed.Imagine if you install such a orb hanging light in an indoor rest area, it must be pleasing to the eye.



Orb Hanging Lamp-Smoke Glass

The orb glass light shade of the ord chandelier is his outer lamp shade like a puff of gray smoke enveloped in a transparent glass cage. The dull color is very suitable to match the cold furniture color, and the smoky lampshade can set off with the dull furniture, creating a sense of deserted atmosphere.

Orb Hanging lamp

Exquisite orb lights are one of your best choices for purchasing high-quality indoor lighting. You can choose to hang alone or place multiples together. With a specially designed orb lamp, choosing it will definitely make your interior decoration more perfect. These are just a brief introduction, if you are very interested in this product, please go to the website page for details.