In home decoration, lighting is a vital element that affects the style of home furnishing. If you want to create a personalized and atmospheric home decoration, then choosing to buy a twis lamp must be a good choice.
The appearance of twis light is elegant and exquisite. The lamp twis adopts a special asymmetrical design, which breaks people's original stereotype of lighting. The twice lamp is elegant and versatile, and the twice lamp can be used almost anywhere in the room. Twice led lamp can be installed in your corridor, above the dining table, in the corner of the living room or in the bedroom. There are three styles of twice lamp to choose from. The lamp twis can be used as a pendant lamp, table lamp or wall lamp, which perfectly caters to all needs.


Twice Pendant Lamp

Pendant Lamp Black Grey

Twis Pendant Lamp


Pendant Lamp Brass Grey



Pendant Lamp Brass White

Twis Pendant Lamp

The twis pendel lampe with a unique design. The design is very playful and unique, with a Nordic minimalist style. The twice lampe house doctor is composed of two spherical glass outer lampshades. One of the twis lamp shades is a larger sphere, and the other twis lamp is a smaller sphere. The larger glass sphere is a creamy white color, and the other smaller sphere is an optional color, available in gray and creamy white. Even for bulbs of different colors, twice light are still very versatile.

The two spherical bulbs of the twice light are at the ends of two different branches. The branch of the twice light lamp is like a branch of a tree, and the two bulbs are fruits that bear on the branches. This shape has a rich meaning. The twice lamp can be used in any space. When the twice lampa is hung indoors, twice lampa makes people feel as if the atmosphere has become quiet and natural, which can calm down.


Twice Table Lamp

Table Lamp Black Grey

Twis Pendant Lamp


Table Lamp Brass Grey

Twis Pendant Lamp

In addition to the pendant lamp, the twis lamp also has the style of the table lamp. The twice table lamp is extended upwards. The large milky white spherical lampshade and the transparent small spherical bulb complement each other, just like two soap bubbles that have just been blown out. Very cute and playful. The twice table lamp is made of glass, which makes the twice lamp more clear.

You can put the house doctor twice table lamp in the place where you usually sit and relax. When you sit down and calm down, hold the books you like in your hands, put your favorite teas next to your hands, and turn on a twice light next to it. It exudes soft and warm lighting, providing you with a good resting atmosphere and creating a warm home.


Twice Wall Lamp

Wall Lamp Black Grey

Twis Pendant Lamp


Wall Lamp Black Grey

twis wall

The wall lamp style of twis lamp is also very elegant and simple. You can place the twice wall lamp wherever you need lighting. There are two colors of the twice led lamp to choose from, one is the lamp twice black, and the other is the lamp twice brass. The black house doctor twice lamp can be matched with dark-colored furniture, and the brass house doctor twice lamp can be matched with light-colored furniture.
The twice wall lamp can also be used as a finishing touch to be installed in the corridor or in front of the mirror. When you wash in front of the mirror, the twice wall lamp can provide you with plenty of light and make you feel energetic.


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