The German lighting brand Pulpo’s oda series lamps are designed by Herkner and are one of the brand’s most popular products. The series is inspired by the photos of industrial water towers taken by German art duo Bernd and Hila Becher. Through people's observation, it is found that the structure of oda lamp pulpo is like these water towers. The main body of the lamp is circular and supported by a metal frame.

Like the silo and base of a water tower, oda glass lamp's simple appearance is soft and bold. Bubbles are formed during the hand-made process, resulting in different stripes, colors and sizes of oda lampen. Each oda lampa work has a unique quality. Oda light's glass outer lampshade combined with smooth curves softens the industrial theme of oda light pulpo, and the warm lighting brings this industrially vibrant aesthetic into the indoor environment.


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Oda Lamp - Amber

When it comes to the oda lamp series, most people don't have a clear impression of the oda lampa. In fact, the oda lampen can not only create a wonderful lighting atmosphere, but also make people feel the beauty intuitively in the space. It is a weapon to break the insensitivity of the space. An oda lampe replica that integrates beauty and practicality can make the interior space. The atmosphere becomes more stylish.


The shape of the pulpo oda lamp replica is a chubby glass lampshade with a slender tripod, which looks like a water tower, but also like a balloon filled with halo. It is light, elegant and full of charm.


Oda Lamp - Grey

The glass outer lampshade of the oda lampe is wrapped around the warm yellow bulb. The warm light fills the interior with the beauty of the industrial atmosphere. The gray glass is balanced in a simple metal structure. Even if the oda lamp replica is not turned on, oda glass lamp has a super high value and can be used with different sizes.


The gray glass is like a smoke enveloped in the glass lampshade of the pulpo lamp oda, adding a bit of mystery. The light in the oda table lamp replica will not be dimmed by the gray lampshade, but the emitted light will be softer, which is a powerful tool for creating the atmosphere of the indoor space.


Oda Lamp - Light Blue

Sebastian Herkner was inspired by the industrial monuments taken by the famous Becher School in Düsseldorf and combined their external shape and internal functions to design the oda capsule lamp. Oda lamps can provide bright lighting conditions, but at the same time they can also make people feel very comfortable. Oda table lamp replica has become a popular series of lamps.


Lamp oda replicas are imaginative lamps, reflecting the designer's desire to explore the unknown. Placing such a special oda lampe in your home will definitely make your interior space more colorful and will leave a very deep impression on your visiting guests.


Oda Lamp - Transparent

The transparent glass oda lamp looks very clean and transparent, because the outer lampshade of the oda lampa is fat and round without sharp corners, and the transparent oda glass lamp looks like soap bubbles blown out in a bubble circle, very cute.


Put the oda light pulpo in a place with better lighting conditions, and the indoor space will feel brighter in terms of visual effects because of the transparent shape of the oda lamp replica. In addition to providing you with a good lighting function when there is insufficient light, pulpo lamp oda is also a good choice as an interior decoration.


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