Plastic furniture inevitably reminds people of such words as cheap and inferior, but have you heard of Kartell? Kartell is a maverick high-end brand of plastic furniture. Kartell uses plastic to make high-end furniture. I am afraid that no one believed this gimmick at the beginning, but for 60 years, it has adhered to its unique brand positioning and finally became a fashionable and avant-garde international home improvement brand. This is very admirable.

Kartell unconventionally chose plastic as the material of the furniture, insisting on the minimalist and avant-garde design style and the use of environmentally friendly materials. The design is unique, and this brand is known all over the world.The reason why Kartell can be listed as an international high-end furniture brand rather than street goods is its design. So far, 10% of Kartell's designs have been permanently collected by top museums such as MOMA Museum of Contemporary Art and the Pompidou Centre in France. It has also won 9 times the highest honor in the global design world and the historical European craft design "Golden Compasses". 


About Kartell Big Battery Table Lamp

This lampada big battery kartell is made by designer Ferruccio Laviani and is also the proud work of the Kartell brand. The kartell big battery dimmable table lamp - crystal is made of methyl methacrylate, which is plexiglass. The color of the big battery table lamp is crystal clear, and the refraction of the lampshade can form a wonderful light. The big battery lamp kartell is very compact and does not take up space. Big battery dimmable table lamp also adds innovative elements. Kartell big battery portable table lamp can be fully charged with a simple USB plug and becomes a portable small bedside lamp.


Transparent material and special pattern

The kartell big battery table lamp is a Baroque style lamp. In the kartell big battery lamp, we can see that the Baroque style takes the spirit of romanticism as the starting point of the design. The kartell big battery usb is no longer a rigid and rigid lighting, but the big battery bordlampe krystal - kartell is more cordial and soft. The material of kartell big battery table lamp is acrylic, and the color is transparent. Because there are many prismatic patterns on the lampshade of big battery kartell, plus the transparent material, just turn on kartell big battery led, kartell big battery led It will refract beautiful light lines. Put the kartell big battery table lamp on the table, and the kartell big battery will bloom a nice sunflower on your tabletop.


USB interface charging and portability

The kartell battery lamp shows an interesting way to move the light source. The kartell big battery table lamp is a product that combines classic baroque style with a rechargeable LED light source. The lampada big battery kartell is elegant and innovative. Because thekartell big battery dimmable table lamp - crystal is rechargeable and portable, this small and exquisite big battery lamp kartell can be used indoors and outdoors.


Indoors, the kartell big battery led can be used as a table lamp on the bedside, and the special light and shadow reflected by the kartell big battery led can be used as a special decoration for the room, so that your room is no longer monotonous. Kartell big battery cristal can also be placed in the restaurant. The romantic atmosphere created by the kartell big battery cristal, coupled with delicious dishes in the restaurant, will definitely enhance the dining experience. In the outdoor dining area, the kartell big battery can also be used to create an atmosphere. In the open-air rest area, a kartell big battery table lamp is placed to instantly enhance the style.

If you plan to go for a picnic in the open air, but are troubled by the lack of lighting, then the kartell big battery led table lamp will also be a good choice for you. The kartell big battery table lamp can make your picnic enjoyable, with carefully prepared things, and kartell The beautiful light and shadow from the big battery table lamp will surely be able to take nice pictures. A kartell big battery table lamp can create a warm and romantic atmosphere for you, whether you can use it indoors or outdoors, kartell battery led table lamp is very worthy of your own.