Ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamp is a kind of light fixture. As the name suggests, the top of the light fixture is relatively flat and the bottom is completely attached to the roof when installed, so it is called ceiling lamp. Light sources include ordinary white bulbs, fluorescent lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, LEDs, etc. At present, the most popular ceiling light is LED ceiling light. LED ceiling lights are lighting fixtures that are absorbed or embedded on the roof ceiling. Like chandeliers, they are also the main indoor lighting equipment. They are often used in various places such as homes and offices. Lamps with different light sources are suitable for different places. For example, ceiling lamps using ordinary incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps are mainly used for lighting in homes, office buildings and other spaces where the floor height is about 4 meters; high-intensity gas with large power and light source volume Discharge lamps are mainly used for lighting in places such as hypermarkets and factories with a height of 4 to 9 meters.

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LED Ceiling lamp

LED Ceiling Light

Attributed to its simple design and small size, LED Ceiling Light is suitable for any space in residential or public areas. It is the most easy-matching LED ceiling lamp. Made of iron and acrylic, it is available in three sizes and colors.
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BLOOM Ceiling Light

BLOOM Ceiling Light is a romantic and elegant ornament that lets your ceiling and wall bloom with flowers. This concise ceiling light allows simple lines and glass balls to outline beautiful patterns. When illuminated, it will be sparkling.
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