The ic flos replica lighting series consists of chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps. Each design can be easily integrated into your room. After the flos ic light replica is turned off, the room can be decorated very elegantly. The simple design and classic streamlined shape of the flos ic lamp replica is the most ingenious design.


Flos ic pendant light replica

Flos ic pendant light replica balances the designer's love of industrial simplicity with complex symbolism. This flos ic lamp replica is made of brass finishing steel and provides diffused light through an opal blown glass diffuser. The inspiration behind the design: Poise is powerful: this is the information Michael Anastassiades provides with his flos pendant replica series.

IC Lights Pendant

Flos ic light hanglamp is deeply loved by people for its special appearance design. Replica flos ic lamp can emit warm and comfortable light, which is eye-catching. Flos ic pendelleuchte can provide diffuse lighting for any corridor, living room or bedroom, and create a sense of tranquility.

The flos ic pendant light replica hangs in the living room, allowing your guests to notice this exquisite chandelier at a glance, adding luster to the monotonous living room. The flos ic s2 replica hangs in the bedroom, allowing you to feel its warm and comfortable light, and relax the tension after a day. You can choose a suitable suspension position according to your needs.

IC Lights Pendant


Flos ic wall light replica

The stylish and modern replica ic wall lights is designed with blown glass opal glass, and the frame is made of high-quality brass or chrome-plated steel. The design concept of flos ic wall light replica is to show the passage of time. The flos ic lamp replica emits diffuse light through the opal glass lampshade. The ic light replica is like a star moving on the track, which will attract your attention. Although the structure is simple, the light emitted by the replica flos ic lamp is very soft.

IC Lights Wall

You can choose to install replica ic lights individually or in multiple orderly installations. When the neat and orderly flos ic wall light replica is installed on the wall or above the ceiling, it looks like a beautiful landscape from a distance. Flos ic light replica can provide diffuse lighting and a sense of tranquility for any corridor, living room or bedroom.

The replica ic wall lights can be installed on any wall or on the ceiling. When the flos ic lights kopia is installed in the corridor, the soft diffused light makes the environment permeated with a comfortable atmosphere.

IC Lights Wall


Flos ic table lamp replica

The ic t2 table lamp replica consists of a thin steel base that is twisted and bent at an angle. The flos ic table lamp replica that projects diffuse light can be adjusted by the dimmer on the power chord. The flos ic lamp replica is now available in a brand new black finish, adding a sense of hierarchy to the amazingly simple design series.


There are three design shapes for the flos ic t1 replica to choose from. The characteristic of flos ic light replica shape A is that its milky white glass ball is mounted on the top of the support rod, giving a feeling of being suspended. The shape B and shape C of the replica ic lights are basically the same in design. The biggest difference between them lies in the design of the metal rod. Flos ic replica can emit warm and comfortable light, which is eye-catching. Flos lampe replica are very suitable to be placed in the bedroom and living room.

The flos ic t1 replica is placed on the bedside table, which can provide you with warm and comfortable light and relax your mood. The ic table lamp replica can be placed anywhere in the living room to satisfy your fixed-point lighting. The strong mobility of the replica ic table lamp allows you to move where you need lighting anytime, anywhere.

IC Lights Table Lamp series


Flos ic floor lamp replica

The ic floor lamp replica possesses the poetic elegance and balance of the design work and consists of a blown glass diffuser mounted on an ultra-thin and stable frame. The flos ic lamp replica combines industrial simplicity and elegance. Michael Anastassiades was inspired by vaudeville, and the dexterity of vaudeville fascinated him.

IC Lights Floor

The ic vloerlamp flos replica is positioned in a seemingly unstable way, as if it is ready to fall at any time, and the perched sphere brings fascinating tension to the design. The chic and elegant style of the ic lampadaire makes it suitable for many environments. Flos ic floor lamp replica is available in 2 sizes-smaller F1 and larger F2-ensuring that you can find the right size for your space.

IC floor lampa is an ideal choice for living room and bedroom, and it is also very suitable for various commercial places such as restaurants and exhibitions. The biggest difference between the ic floor lamp and the ic table lamp is that it can provide a large range of diffuse lighting. At the same time, ic light flos replica can also provide warm and comfortable ambient light.

IC Lights Floor


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