The kitchen is a space where people move around every day. People cook food in the kitchen every day and enjoy meals. It is a space that can bring the fun of life. It is worth installing perfect kitchen island lighting fixtures, and using the best kitchen island lighting fixtures to make this space even better.


kitchen island lighting fixtures guide

Before choosing kitchen island lighting fixtures, you need to have your favorite kitchen island lighting ideas. There are many styles of kitchen space. Do you prefer an open kitchen, or a closed kitchen, or a simple and monotonous style or a vibrant style…
Perhaps after reading this article, you will have some good ideas for kitchen island lighting.

1.Measure the area of kitchen

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Before choosing kitchen island lighting fixtures, you need to measure the area of your kitchen. Choose the most suitable kitchen island lighting modern according to the area of the kitchen and the height of the ceiling. If the kitchen area is relatively large, you can choose kitchen island pendant lighting, or even a combined kitchen island pendant lighting, as the kitchen lighting. If the kitchen area is small, ceiling lights are recommended.


2.Be clear about your style

No matter how the home space is arranged, personal comfort should be the primary prerequisite, so kitchen island lighting fixtures should be selected according to personal living habits. The appearance and types of kitchen island lighting fixtures are diverse, and the kitchen island lighting modern that is most in line with personal aesthetics should be selected to create the most ideal kitchen.


3.Choose the right color temperature

When choosing kitchen island lighting fixtures, it is more appropriate to choose kitchen island lighting fixtures with a color temperature of 2700-5000K. The blue-light kitchen island lighting led on the kitchen counter helps us stay awake when we are cooking. If you have a table in your kitchen, choose kitchen island lighting fixtures with a warmer color temperature to create a good atmosphere and balance the blue-light kitchen island lighting led on the kitchen counter.


Kitchen island lighting ideas 2022

Break the usual

People often think that decorative and beautiful lighting are only suitable for living rooms or rooms. Sometimes it’s not bad to break this stereotype. Try to use special-looking kitchen island lighting fixtures in your kitchen, to ensure that the lighting is bright, but also to enhance your kitchen's style.


Flexible and arbitrary

If you are tired of the immutable fixed kitchen island pendant lighting, try adopting kitchen island lighting ideas that can be adjusted at will. The adjustable kitchen island lighting modern is very free, and the position of the kitchen island lighting fixtures and the designated lighting position can be changed. This kind of kitchen island lighting fixtures is very convenient.


Use wall light

If the kitchen cabinets will block the lighting of the kitchen island pendant lighting, you can add a wall lamp as an auxiliary lighting. It is best to choose a wall lamp that can adjust the angle of lighting and add a kitchen island lighting led. Adequate lighting can avoid the trouble of cooking.


Glass material

Kitchen island lighting fixtures made of glass will give people a brighter feeling. The kitchen island lighting modern made of glass can see the clever structure inside the lighting, which adds some interest invisibly.


Match with furniture

The use of distinctive kitchen island pendant lighting is a good choice to meet both the requirements of lighting and design. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the material of your desktop. If the material of the desktop is easy to reflect, you should try to choose low-key kitchen island lighting fixtures. If the table is not easy to reflect, then you can choose kitchen island lighting fixtures with multiple light sources. The color matching of kitchen island lighting ideas and furniture will make the indoor atmosphere more harmonious.


Hope that through this kitchen island lighting guide you can find suitable kitchen island lighting fixtures. At the same time, the kiki website provides many high-quality kitchen island lighting modern, and we sincerely invite you to come and choose.