The status of lamps and lanterns in home decoration is very important. In addition to creating an artistic atmosphere, different choices of lamps and lanterns will also give people different home feelings. And lighting is like women's bags in home decoration, good lighting can enhance the quality of the entire space.

Speaking of diversified lighting brands, it is the famous Italian lighting brand flos. Flos products are often developed jointly with world-renowned designers. Among them, the ic series lamps under flos can be said to be impressive. Flos ic lamp replica comes from designer Michael Anastassiades design. flos ic light replica include ic floor lamps, ic pendant lights, ic table lamps, ic ceiling lights and ic wall lamps. Each of the flos ic light replica is a classic. Flos ic series lamps are highly recognizable. Flos ic light replica use extremely thin brass brackets and white spherical lampshades. Flos ic light replica can be said to have maximized the minimalist aesthetics.


IC Lights Pendant


Flos ic copy takes the passage of time as the design concept. Ic series lights have a nice name, called ic star series lights. The flos ic light replica are unforgettable. The simple appearance of the flos ic pendant light replica interprets the elegance to the extreme: extremely thin metal brackets, coupled with a white spherical lampshade, the flos ic pendant replica is like an orbiting star, emitting a charming halo under the night sky.
In the interior, even if the lights are not turned on, ic light replica are an excellent living decoration. The replica ic lights is like dotted a cute circle on a capable line. The classic streamlined shape and noble and simple design of ic light replica do not have a trace of redundancy. Ic series lamps continue the aristocratic atmosphere of flos.


IC Lights Ceiling/Wall Single

ic wall2

The so-called "bright is a lamp, dark is a work of art", this sentence probably refers to the ic lamp replica. The combination of the sphere of soft light and the capable geometric lines of the ic light replica is always irresistible. The seemingly simple design of ic light wall is actually ingenious. The ic light replica is a right-angle bracket with a spherical white bulb, like an opened shell, revealing the treasure of pearls. The space with the flos ic light replica wall becomes elegant and noble in an instant.


IC Lights Ceiling/Wall Double

The ic series lamps have been expanded with the introduction of the new model flos ic wandlamp double. Flos ic light wall 2 replica the new indoor wall and ceiling lamps are equipped with dual light sources, which can provide you with better lighting. The most ingenious part of ic light replica is that it can be used as a wall lamp or as a ceiling lamp. No matter where the flos ic wall light replica is installed, it will make you feel just right. Moreover, ic light ceiling is small in size and does not take up space. Flos ic wall light can also choose spheres with different diameters. Large-diameter ic lights and small-diameter ic lights can be installed together, which can also make the space decoration more Layered.


IC Lights Table 1 High

God said that there should be light, so there was light. The light comes out from the ic t1 high table lamp replica bulb-shaped lampshade, and the atmosphere created by the ic t1 table lamp replica is like the scene when the world first opened. In the hands of designer Michael Anastassiades, the flos ic light replica created does not seem to be making lamps, but rather creating a perfect circle. Ic table lamp flos use simple lines to create interesting combinations. The slender brass bracket supports the white matte spherical lampshade, and the ic t1 high table lamp replica is like a hand holding up a bright moon. Create a poetic mood.


IC Lights Table 1 Low

IC Lights Table Lamp series

There are three sizes of ic table lamp replica to choose from, divided into three models: ic lights table 1 high, ic lights table 1 low and ic lights table 2. Each type of ic light replica is very small in size and does not take up space. You can place the flos ic table 1 in any corner you need to illuminate. For example, if you place an flos ic light replica on your bedside, the soft light of the flos ic t1 table lamp will create a warm atmosphere before going to bed. Place the flos ic light replica on your dressing table, the flos ic table lamp replica will illuminate your beautiful face and make you feel better.


IC Lights Table 2

In addition to helping people establish a perfect spatial structure, ic lights can also create different atmospheres and layers in the home. The low-key and simple shape design of flos ic t2 lamp does not require over-exaggerated rendering. The most important feature of ic t2 lamp replica is simplicity and texture. Only by the simple combination of metal frame lampshade, you can create a unique styling effect. Good lighting styling can improve the style of the home a lot, so when decorating the interior, you may wish to choose ic series lighting, which will have unexpected effects.


IC Lights Floor

In flos ic series, the spherical bulb is attached to the spherical lamp with a thin metal rod, which highlights both the light and the thin rod. Regardless of the slender bracket rod of the ic f1 floor lamp replica, it is definitely not low-key in the space. There are two heights of flos ic wall replica for you to choose from. Choose flos ic light replica of different heights together to form a patchwork effect. The combination of multiple replica flos ic floor lamp placed in the home is like many stars moving in compliance with the orbit. flos ic lights kopia is synonymous with low-key and elegant, ic lamps will definitely decorate your home perfectly.


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