For interior home design, the choice of lights is particularly important. What kind of lamps are suitable for installation in what kind of environment is a question we often consider.

Under normal circumstances, the choice of lights is not only related to the size of the space, but also related to the design style and your own preferences. The following will share with you some suggestions for buying and choosing lamps in different spaces.


Living room lights

The living room lamp can play a very good decorative effect and will make your guests notice it at a glance. If your living room has a large space, then you can make the whole space full by installing different lights.

For the living room, the combination of best chandelier and best table lamp is the most common. The hanging chandeliers do not lie in the number, but in the unique design. It is usually hung in the middle of the living room. The special feature is that you can make your guests notice it at a glance. The table lamp can be placed on the table in the living room or on the small table between the chair and the chair. In addition to providing lighting, the table lamp can also embellish the space, which is small and easy to move.


Heracleum chandelier


Melt pendant light


Atollo Metal Table Lamp


Facet chandelier collection


Bedroom lights

Common modern bedroom lamps include chandeliers, wall lamps and table lamps.

The desk lamp is mainly placed on the bedside table to provide warm and comfortable light for reading. Wall lamps are mainly used to light up the night space. In a quiet and comfortable night, when you go to sleep, the soft light will not affect your sleep. It can also provide you with light when you wake up in the middle of the night. The best chandelier is mainly for lighting, you can choose according to your own preferences, which can also provide you with a pleasant mood.


LUXURY Glass Ball Chandelier


Nordic Branch Chandelier


Copper Table Lamp


Serge Mouille Wall Sconce


Dining area lights

Household dining lights are mainly chandeliers, and dining lights in commercial places such as restaurants or hotels are generally a combination of chandeliers and table lamps.

The design of long dining table chandelier can choose to use chandelier group. It can be the same color chandeliers or different color chandeliers for matching design. You can also design the suspension mode, side-by-side suspension or high and low staggered suspension.

The table lamp can mainly play the role of an atmosphere lamp. The selection criteria are exquisite, compact and easy to move. When it is placed on the table, it echoes the chandelier, which can provide you with a warm dining atmosphere and a pleasant mood for you.


Mila pendant lamp


PH 5 Pendant


Kartell Battery LED Table Lamp


Orb Hanging lamp


Corridor lights

The main function of corridor lights is to illuminate. Often the choice of this kind of lamp is more practical, and the purchase of the lamp is also matched with the interior design style to achieve the effect of completeness.


Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp


Beading Pendant Lamp


Linear LED Wall light


Edie and Betty Wall lamp


Kitchen lights

Kitchen lights are mainly chandeliers and wall lights. Chandeliers can save space and provide sufficient lighting. Best kitchen chandeliers that can achieve directional lighting are the most popular. It allows people to adjust the direction of light according to their needs, so as to meet the diverse needs of lighting.


Aim pendant light


Lampe Gras Wall / Ceiling light series


Aj wall lamp


BH1 Pendant Light

You can choose the products you want to buy according to the design of different spaces. You can learn more about products on our website.