Pendant lights are an indispensable part of home interior decoration. Best pendant light can not only light up your home, but also bring decorative effects to your home. Next, I will introduce you in detail from the following parts:

  • What is a pendant light
  • Why choose pendant light
  • How to choose a pendant light for your home
  • Types of pendant light
  • How to clean a pendant light
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What is a pendant light

Pendant light is a lighting lamp suspended above the ceiling, which is generally composed of a lampshade, a connecting component, and a rope or pole suspension. Pendant lights come in various sizes, with materials ranging from metal to glass, from concrete to plastic, each has its own unique characteristics.


Why choose pendant light

Modern pendant lights are playing an increasingly important role in home interior decoration. It can not only meet your interior design needs, but also create a correspondingly comfortable atmosphere.


How to choose a pendant light for your home

Pendant lights can be hung in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining table, sink or even the bathroom. The choice of pendant lamp can be determined according to the size, design and style of different spaces.


Living room pendant light can play a very good decorative effect, generally hanging in the middle of the living room. According to the size of the space, a chic crystal chandelier can be selected for a large space, and an exquisite chandelier can be selected for a small space.


Above the dining table, you can generally choose a single pendant light or a combination of multiple pendant light for hanging. For some families, the long dining table can be decorated with a few small pendant lights. You can choose five or seven bulbs or a slender dining room pendant light with a transparent glass texture for the space.

The design of the kitchen pendant light is to save space while satisfying the lighting requirements.


In addition to looking at the design of the bedroom pendant light, the most important thing is the brightness of the lamp. Generally choose comfortable warm light. The bedroom is a resting place, and the soft light can create a warm atmosphere. When you read in bed, it emits a comfortable and non-glaring light.


Heracleum chandelier


Crescent pendant Lamp

Crescent pendant Lamp


Facet chandelier collection

Facet chandelier collection


Orb Hanging lamp

Orb Hanging lamp


Types of pendant light

Glass pendant lights: The light radiates from the exquisite glass lampshade, just like a work of art.

Acrylic pendant lights: The biggest feature of acrylic chandelier is that it is in a mirror state when it is closed, and it is translucent when it is turned on.

Wooden pendant lights: Wooden materials can make you closer to nature and feel the beauty brought by nature.

Cage pendant lights: a lampshade made of a geometrical cage that allows light to be evenly distributed in the space.

Spherical pendant lights: A chandelier composed of spherical lampshades or bulbs, when it is lit, it is like a delicate night pearl.

Industrial pendant lights: The unique industrial style not only allows you to feel the grandeur of history, but also brings a retro atmosphere.

Scandinavian pendant lights: smooth line design, let you feel the strong Scandinavian style design.


Mila pendant lamp

Mila pendant lamp


Metal wire pendant lamp


Nordic Sunlight Pendant Lamp


Wicker pendant lamp

Wicker pendant lamp


How to clean a pendant light

When the pendant light is used for a long time, a layer of dust will fall on the surface of the lampshade. If we do not remove the dust in time, the pendant light will become more and more dirty, and even affect the light effect of the pendant light. In this case, you only need to wipe the pendant light gently with a clean soft cotton cloth.


If there is too much dust on the surface of the pendant light to be wiped off with a dry cotton cloth, you can wipe it with water. If you accidentally touch water, you should wipe it dry as much as possible. Do not wipe with a damp cloth immediately after turning on the lamp, because the bulb will burst easily when exposed to water at high temperature. Do not let the metal fittings on the pendant light come into contact with water for a long time when scrubbing, so as not to rust and affect the appearance.


The choice and purchase of pendant light are very important, and the cleaning and maintenance of the pendant light are also very important. This can extend the use time of the pendant light. You can learn more about product suggestions or product information on our website.