Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year is November 25th. In addition to holding events in many shops around, many online shops also give customers very favorable discounts.


KIKI is no exception. In the Black Friday Festival of 2022, 15% off all products in KIKI. Just enter the redemption code: BLACK2022KIKI on the checkout page, you can get 15% off. The discount has now started and will last until November 25, 2022. We will recommend the 20 most worthwhile lighting fixtures for you. Happy shopping!


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Black Friday Early Deals — Pendant Light

1. PH 5 Pendant

The ph5 pendant light is famous for its innovative non-glare shape and uniform lighting. The light emitted by the ph5 pendant replica is warm and comfortable. Very suitable for dining table and living room. PH5 pendant lamp replica now also has a variety of exterior colors for you to choose from, which can cater to different decoration styles in your home.

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2. VP Globe Pendant Lamp

The appearance of vp globe replica is very different from conventional lighting. Panton vp globe replica is a transparent sphere. Through the transparent acrylic shell, you can see the reflector and hanging metal chain inside. VP globe pendant light replica is full of sense of science and technology, which satisfies people's imagination of space.

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3. Méduse Pendant Light

Lukas Bazle méduse pendant became popular all over the world as soon as it was launched. The méduse lamp is inspired by blinds. Méduse light can change its appearance by pulling the rope in the middle. The interesting méduse lamp is both functional and decorative. Various shapes can change your mood or use effect.


4. Vertigo Pendant Lamp

The vertigo pendant light replica is very suitable for any modern indoor space. The lamp has a magical effect, exquisite and beautiful. The vertigo pendant lamp replica is like a lady's wide-brimmed hat, showing elegance. The vertigo pendant replica is perfectly integrated into every indoor space and adds a unique color to it.

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5. 2097 Chandelier

The 2097 suspension lamp replica has always been the representative of the traditional mid-century chandelier. The 2097 suspension lamp replica is a classic but stylish chandelier. The overall shape of 2097 chandelier replica looks like a tree with many branches. At the end of each branch, there is a luminous bulb that looks like fruit on the branches. Flos chandelier 2097 replica can create a good visual effect whether it is installed in the living room or dining room.

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6. Aim Pendant Light

The aim pendant light replica is a lighting that is universal enough for any setting, not only the appearance of the replica flos aim, but also because the aim pendant replica provides a convenient and easy to "aim" light. In addition to the lamp itself, the line of the aim pendant light replica is also a feature. You can place these lines of the aim pendant light replica at will according to your personal preference, and the staggered visual effect is more special.

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7. Spokes Suspension Lamp

Foscarini spokes replica gives people a very light feeling. The spokes pendant light replica has a variety of shapes and colors. When the light is revealed through many lines, it seems to have a dynamic psychedelic feeling. The spokes suspension replica is a decorative and practical lighting.

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8. Heracleum Chandelier

Heracleum chandelier's design is inspired by the Heracleum plant. Heracleum chandelier replica looks like fireflies resting on the branches. When you turn on the moooi heracleum replica, the sporadic led lights will glow. Although the light of moooi heracleum ii replica is not strong, it can create a very romantic atmosphere.

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Black Friday Early Deals — Table Lamp

1. Akari 1A Table Lamp

Akari lamp replica reinterprets traditional Asian paper lanterns in a modern way, presenting a poetic collision between classic and modern with a new aesthetic. Akari lamp sale can be used as a desk lamp or floor lamp. Akari lamp 1a replica is suitable for a wide range of interior designs, giving people a wonderful warm feeling and creating a more relaxed atmosphere.


2. PH3/2 Table Lamp

As a classic design, the ph 3/2 table lamp designed by Poul Henningsen is simple and practical. The ph lamp replica is mainly made of metal, glass and stainless steel. The three-layer lampshade of the ph table lamp replica makes the light radiate from the lampshade. The edges soften the light and create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. The opal glass lampshade of ph table lamp replica gives this simple table lamp nobility and elegance.

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3. Flowerpot Table Lamp

As a popular Nordic design, flowerpot lamp replica is the embodiment of minimalism and fashion. The flowerpot table lamp replica is mainly made of metal and aluminum. The lampshade is unique in shape and looks like a flower bud. The flowerpot table lamp replica has a variety of colors to choose from. When this table lamp is lighted up, the lampshade will emit a soft light, creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

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4. IC Lights Table Light

The ic table lamp replica provides diffused light through blown milky white spheres. Only simple metal brackets and spheres form this elegant flos ic table lamp replica. It looks like a star eternally orbiting in space, and it looks very beautiful. Flos ic replica can certainly create a warm indoor environment for you.

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5. Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp

The lampshade of kartell bourgie table lamp replica has many vertical stripes, so that the light can refract a lot of beautiful light and shadow through the lampshade. Now you can buy kartell bourgie lamp replica at a very favorable price. In addition to the design of the lampshade pattern, the lamp holder of kartell bourgie lamp replica also has a very special pattern design, which fully reflects the Baroque style.

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6. Leimu Glass Table Lamp

The biggest feature of leimu lamp replica is that it combines two materials. The lampshade of the leimu glass table lamp is made of glass and the base is made of cement. The etherealness of glass and the speciality of cement, the combination of the two materials form a visual impact. When the leimu table lamp replica is turned on, the warm light emitted by the leimu table lamp replica can create a comfortable atmosphere in any room.


7. Perch Light Table lamp

Perch table lamp replica is a very vivid lighting, it will show the demeanor of the bird on the branch vividly in front of people. Perch lamp replica is inspired by nature. The perch bird lamp features a vibrant bird made of acrylic. The perch lamp replica emits a soft light, warm and not dazzling. There is nothing more poetic and graceful than admiring the birds perching on the branches.


Black Friday Early Deals — Wall Lamp

1. Serge Mouille Wall Sconce

When it comes to industrial-style lighting, Serge Mouille Wall Sconce must be indispensable. Serge mouille wall sconce replica has five sizes to choose from to meet your diverse needs. The lampshade of serge mouille wall lamp replica is bowl-shaped, which can effectively gather light and provide you with high-quality lighting.

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2. AJ Wall Lamp

AJ lamp wall replica is available in white or black colors. The design of aj wall lamp replica is simple, practical and beautiful. The light of aj lamp replica is adjustable, so it is very suitable for precise and controllable lighting. If you have the habit of reading before going to bed, then installing an aj wall lamp replica at the bedside will definitely greatly improve your reading quality.

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3. Lampe Gras Wall/ Ceiling Light Series

The minimalist lampe gras wall/ ceiling light series does not have any exquisite decoration, it is very simple, versatile and very practical. Lampe gras wall replica is available in a variety of sizes and colors. The lampshade of lampe gras replica is made of metal and aluminum alloy. The biggest advantage of lampe gras wall lamp replica is that you can adjust the light source. You can adjust the lighting angle to what you want, and use gras lampe replica to achieve the best results.

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4. Pearl Wall Lamp

Pearl wall lamp is a very special shape of lighting, its shape is a shell shape, revealing an elegant and advanced atmosphere. The spherical luminous body in the middle is like a treasure of pearls in a shell. The pearl wall lamp is amazing and very rare. Pearl wall lamp is very popular for its special appearance design. The light it emits is warm and comfortable. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.


5. Swing Dome Wall Light

Swing dome wall light is very suitable for reading and night use. When you use swing dome wall light, you can place the fixing device exactly where you need it by simply swinging. It can also be installed on your desk and used as a desk lamp by changing its lighting angle. Swing dome wall light is very popular because of its special shape design. It emits warm and comfortable light. It is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.


The above are 20 items worth buying for you, which are the more popular items in the Black friday early deals on the kiki website. All products on the whole network are 15% off. If you want to see more products, please go to the homepage.